Hi Y'all

I'm just your average lover of books!!! Preferably Christian Romance. On top of reading, I love to dapple in writing, and scrapbooking....along with Makeup, hair, and nails. (I have a blog for this.... http://rollersribbonsandrouge.blogspot.com ).

But Christian Romance is not all you're going to find on my site, since I'm a member of CFRB (Christian Fiction Review Blog), I review (once a month) a book, that may or may not be Romance, but it's still fun to give my in-put!!! Ask anyone that knows me, and they would tell you that one of my top passions is reading! (that and American history.) In my Reviews, I try to stay upbeat, but honest, if there was something in the book, that I didn't like or agree with, I will say. I hope you will enjoy my reviews, and come back often.

I love to read, I read at LEAST one book a week, normally more (so i'm a fast read also :) and if you happen to be an author and would like for me to review one of your books, or would like to be apart of an Author of the Month, just e-mail, (which is found in the contact section.)

Not an author? But you have a favorite author, and want to get some reviews about them??? Contact me with their name (or a specific title), and I will try my best to get a hold of a book, and review it for you!

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