Tears of the Sea by MaryLu Tyndall

At first, this book wasn't what I was thinking or honestly wanting to read. I love the author (she is one of my favorites) and she is known for her pirate books. So when I saw the title I was thinking cool! Pirate and Mermaid all in one! Yes at first I was slightly disappointed, but I didn't stay that way for long! I learned some awesome new folk lores about mermaids, along with reading a great story based off of the gospel.
 Perdita is the mermaid in this story, she wasn't born into being a mermaid but was cursed. She had been cursed into eternity until she can find someone that loves her enough to willingly die for her. Imagine going centuries looking for the one person that could and would do that for you. Oh and theres a twist but you'll have to read the book to find out ;)
 Savion is a sailor on the king's mission with a 'power' to know when people are in danger. He was sent on a mission to save a soul, and then he could return to the kingdom with his father. Only problem is....He doesn't know where who or how he is supposed to save this person. All he knows is once he does he will be called home. So he has no time to be distracted by any kind of female...especially a beautiful one, being hurt one to many times in the past.

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