This is the first time, that I'm doing 'What's on Your Nightstand?' it kind of goes hand in hand with the 100+book challenge...sort of :)

This week I'll be posting what was on last months(Feb) and whats on this next month's nightstand!

(Feb's Nightstand) As you can see there is...

-Urgent Care by Hannah Alexander

-Necessary Measures by Hannah Alexander

-Sleeping Murder &The Murder at the Vicarage by Agatha Christie

-Julia's Last Hope by Janette Oke

-A Gown of Spanish Lace by Janette Oke

-Every Little Thing about you by Lori Wick

(March's Nightstand)

-Wounded Healer by Donna Fleisher

-The Redemption by M.L.Tyndall

-Before I wake By Dee Henderson

-White Chocolate Moments by Lori Wick

-Talk of the Town by Lisa Wingate

-Remembered by Tamera Alexander

Can't wait to get reading these books! And I highly recommend Feb.'s List!!!

~Rae Byuel~

This is the last day of out first Author of the Week. How did y'all like it? Would you like it to be repeated? I personally had fun, getting to know Hannah Alexander, and getting to see what other titles she has out there! To see the other Posts this week About Hannah Alexander, just click on her name in the Categories Section of the blog!

~~~To close this awesome week, I've decided to Post Her other Published work, (and some that will be published soon) If you click on the links, it will take you to Hannah's Website, and tell you about the book! So please enjoy!

#1 Hideaway, Fall 2003 Steeple Hill Women's Fiction
#2 Safe Haven, Summer 2004Steeple Hill Women's Fiction
#3 Last Resort, June 2005 Steeple Hill Women's Fiction
#4 Note of Peril, July 2005Love Inspired Suspense
out of print
#5 Fair Warning, April 1, 2006Steeple Hill Women's Fiction
#6 Under Suspicion, July 1, 2006 Love Inspired Suspense
out of print
#7 Grave Risk, January 2007Steeple Hill Women's Fiction
#8 Death Benefits, July 2007 Love Inspired Suspense
out of print
#9 Double Blind, January 2008Steeple Hill Women's Fiction
#10 Hideaway Home, February 2008Love Inspired Historical Used

Hidden Motive, April 2008 Steeple Hill Books****This a rewrite of Crystal Cavern**** Used

A Killing Frost, January 2009
LARGE PRINT BOOKS Available at Barns & Noble
#1 Hideaway, Fall 2003 Steeple Hill Women's Fiction
#2 Safe Haven, Summer 2004Steeple Hill Women's Fiction
#3 Last Resort, June 2005 Steeple Hill Women's Fiction
#4 Note of Peril, July 2005Love Inspired Suspense
None available
out of print
#5 Fair Warning, April 1, 2006Steeple Hill Women's Fiction
#7 Grave Risk, January 2007Steeple Hill Women's Fiction
#8 Death Benefits, July 2007 Love Inspired Suspense
out of print
#9 Double Blind, January 2008Steeple Hill Women's Fiction
#10 Hideaway Home, February 2008Love Inspired Historical

A Killing Frost,January 2009

SACRED TRUST Three book series Scheduled for Reprint Publisher: Steeple Hill Books
#1 Sacred Trust, July 2009
out of print
#2 Solemn Oath, August 2009
out of print
#3 Silent Pledge, September 2009
out of print

Again I hope you enjoyed this and Please come back for our next Author of the week Sometime in March...Not quite sure yet, but I'll let you know when!
~Rae Byuel~

The Healing Touch Book 3 By: Hannah Alexander

Back Cover:

After years in pastoral ministry, Archer Pierce has begun to question his calling. Then, in the midst of a violent storm, he disappears, and the citizens of Dogwood Springs begin a frantic race against time and the elements to find him.

Lauren McCaffery is falling deeply in love with the widowed Dr.Grant Sheldon. But when he pops the question, she panics. Is she prepared to take on a ready-made family? And she wonders if she can ever live up to the image of "perfect wife and mother" that Grant's late wife seemed to portray.

Dr. Mitchell Caine's personal struggles are affecting his practice and work in the ER, and now he is experiencing glimmers of a memory that is too horrifying to believe-if it's true. To make matters worse, his troubled daughter has returned home after years of estrangement. Can Mitchell hope to help her when he has his own dark secrets?


Another Great in the Healing Touch Series! I can't believe it is the last one! I wish there were more, but there aren't so I'll let my imagination come up with more stories of them! :)

(On with the Review) Ready for some more 'Adventure' with Grant and Lauren? Because an adventure is what your gonna get. Grant is ready for the next step(again), but Lauren isn't so sure(again). Then this thing happens to Archer, a very close friend of Lauren's and Her misgivings about Grant are put on hold to help look for the missing Archer Pierce while trying to comfort his Wife.

Brooke and Beau don't understand why Lauren is taking so long to say 'Yes' but do they really understand what she is going through? Trying to live up to Annette's memories? And do they really want to have to get used to a new person living in the house, with new habits and things? But as Beau says, "If Lauren can Handle Brooke, what more can we want? Not to mention her family loves Brooke too!" (I'm paraphrasing!)

Dr. Mitchell Has been going through some hard times in the past few years, his wife wants a divorce, and he hasn't heard anything from his daughter who ran away with a drug dealer in the past. But when he starts taking something to help him sleep, Could he have done something Horrible? (You'll have to read to find out! hehe)

Again A great 3rd! Keeps you turning the pages! Buy this Book!

The Healing Touch Book 2 By: Hannah Alexander

Back Cover:
Dr. Grant Sheldon's move to Dogwood Springs is not turning out as he had planned. The ER is in an uproar, and drug use and trafficking has become an ever-increasing problem.

In addition to taking on more shifts in the ER, Lauren McCaffery agrees to stay with Grant's twins when he is called out of town. But soon she discovers that keeping track of two headstrong sixteen-year-olds carries some unexpected dangers.

After the hospital administrator falls ill, the ER is left under the questionable leadership of an unhappy Doctor with his own private agenda-and a painful personal life. In the midst of the turmoil both Grant and Lauren are forced to come to terms with the pain of loss. Can they also find the joy of hop renewed?

Necessary Measures combines the breath-catching pace of authentic emergency medicine with the comfort of small-town faith and values.


Here I go again with that question, that you have no control over, I've going to give my thoughts to you. But I guess you don't have to read them if you don't want to! lol!

Ready to continue on the adventure with Lauren, Gran, Brooke, & Beau? Or how Pastor Archer finally ties the knot?

Grant and Lauren's relationship is growing but can Grant convince Lauren that it would work, before his push teenagers accidentally push to hard? Grant's ready for the next step, but Lauren isn't so sure. She cares for them, yes, she loves them ,Yes. But why does it have to change? While Grant and Lauren are working on their 'problems', Grant's Daughter Brooke is out with her friend Evan catching the Drug Pusher's attention from articles they have been publishing in the school newspaper, bringing it to light for the whole town! Beau's trying to keep them out of trouble, especially now that Grant's back in St. Louis trying to fix some problems. But when Lauren goes through a tragedy, can Beau protect all of them?

Great Sequel! It's just as good as the first book! Well written, and keeps you on the edge of your seat to find out what will happen next. Visit some familiar Characters, while being introduced to some new ones! Hannah Did a fantastic job!

Buy this Book Now!

The Healing Touch Book 1 By: Hannah Alexander

Back Cover:

Lauren McCaffery, an experienced ER nurse, arrives in Dogwood Springs, Missouri, hoping for a fresh start in her career-and a convenient escape from her family's humiliating pressure to find a husband.

Dr. Grant Sheldon transfers to the local hospital, looking for a nurturing environment for his twins, who are still reeling from the death of their mother. But this idyllic setting is not free of all the problems he thought he had left behind in the city.

When the community's tranquility is threatened by a drug ring and a mysterious epidemic, Grant and Lauren find themselves racing the clock in a desperate search for answers.

Second Opinion combines the best of emergency medicine and small-town America in a story of love's discovery and a faith that lasts.


Lauren McCaffery, is one of the best nurses in ER, but can she help heal even a broken heart? And will she want to?

She came to Dogwood Springs to escape her parents demand that she finds a husband. You the saying, "Your not getting any younger"?

Dr. Grant has just moved from a tragic memory ,of losing his wife, with is twin daughter and son. Can they all make a go of this peaceful town, or will they be packing their things up and head back to St. Louis.

While under an epidemic, Grant and Lauren are thrown together to help save the people of Dogwood Springs. While thrown together will they realize the special thing they have going or will they ignore it? And what happens to Grant's heart, When he realizes that Lauren is missing? While he racing the Clock and Speed Limit to find her, will he realize what he has?

Great Series! I Found this one by looking through my friends bookshelf one day. Once I read it, I fell in love! I always have loved a good Romance with some action/mystery, and this has them both! Buy this Book

As I've Explained Earlier this month, I'm starting a new 'thing' on my blog, Author of the Week. And What this is going to be, is an interview with the author(on most occasions), and then some reviews of the authors work! And this will all take place during the week, so In order to get to 'know the author' and their work, Check back the whole week!

This Month's Author of the Week is Hannah Alexander! Welcome Hannah and thank you for joining me here at Caffeine & Romance .

Thanks for inviting me. This sounds like fun.

1) What is your inspiration for your Books?

I've been inspired by all kinds of things, but mostly incidents in my life. Hideaway was inspired by the memories I have of the death of my beautiful, eighteen-year-old stepdaughter, and then of my nephew a year later. I wanted to give their lives more meaning, and so I delved more deeply into my imagination to do this.

2)What's your favorite part about writing a book?

Rewrites. I love rewrites! One of my favorite memories was the month I spent deleting thirty percent of the words from The Crystal Cavern to make Hidden Motive when we resold the book to Steeple Hill. Some writers are just like that. Rewriting is an obsession of mine.

3) How did you know you wanted to be a writer? What got you started?

I have been making up stories since before I knew how to read. I've always had a wild imagination. One day, when I was 29, I sat down and decided I wanted to write a romance. I used a single girlfriend of mine as a character example, and realized that no romance would be complete without Christ at the center of it. I also realized that, being a person who becomes easily bored, I couldn't focus on a simple romance, but needed some action. So romantic suspense became my passion.

4) What was the road to getting published like? Any Advice for amateur authors?

I wrote for fourteen years--thirteen manuscripts in all--before I saw publication. Mel (my collaborator) and I met while I was working on my thirteenth unpublished novel. We dated for a year and a half, and then we got married. Mel was an ER doc, so he was a natural resource for the medical situations I had always enjoyed including in my stories. We began to sell the novels we worked on together, and when I rewrote all those unpublished stories I'd labored over in the past, patterning the hero after Mel's loving character, we began to sell. I would advise any amateur author to remember what the word amateur author means--it's writing for the love of writing. If you don't love writing, find what you are passionate about and do that, because becoming a novelist, and remaining a novelist, is hard work.

5) Who are some of your favorite Authors to read? And Favorite Books?

I have a lot of favorite authors. My favorite ABA author is Dean Koontz. I love to watch his books become more spiritual as he grows as an author, and as a human being. I have a lot of friends who are published novelists. Deborah Raney, Colleen Coble, Stephanie Whitson, Angela Hunt, Terri Blackstock, Judy Miller, Doris Elaine Fell, Nancy Moser, Lori Copeland, Barbara Warren, Rene Gutteridge, James Scott Bell, Athol Dickson, Mark Mynheir, Jack Cavanaugh, Gayle Roper, Kristin Billerbeck, Susan May Warren, Kristen Heitzman, Francine Rivers, Robin Lee Hatcher, Ann Tatlock, Tamera Alexander, Carol Cox...and the list goes on. Those are just off the top of my head. You'd be amazed at the number of excellent, talented writers in the Christian market.

6) Do you have a favorite Time Period/Place to write in, and why?

Except for one historical, I always write contemporary novels, because there's enough research to do when writing medical suspense. Adding historical research to that is a little over the top for me.

7)How have your personal faith and beliefs influenced your story?

There would be no story without God in the center of my life. When I was writing my first novel, I dedicated my writing to Him. I want to never write anything that would make someone doubt the love of God.

8) What is your Life's Verse, and how do you apply that in your life?

Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart. I know this verse is true, because I delighted myself in the Lord during some of the most difficult and painful years of my life, and He saw me through them and to the other side of that dark time. He has blessed me beyond belief, and given me the desires of my heart. I'm a published author, I am married to a man who not only supports my writing, but helps me with it, and who is the tenderest, most wonderful husband in the world. God is so very good.

9) What's your next Book called and about?

The book we're working on now is tentatively titled Hallowed Halls, and of course, it's a medical drama set on the Missouri River amongst the vineyards that play a part in the theme of the story. Please visit our website and sign up for us to send you an alert when the book comes out. Also, Sacred Trust, Solemn Oath and Silent Pledge will be rereleased in August, September and October of this year. If you haven't read them, and if you like medical fiction, I hope you give them a read.

10)Who is your favorite character and why?

One of my favorite characters is Blaze Farmer in the Hideaway series. A tragic accident killed one of my nephews many years ago. He'd had a hard life, and rumor had it that he wanted to die. He had dyslexia, a learning disability. Well, my cousin had that same learning disability when he was growing up, and he had a loving family to support him. He is now a director at Cal Poly Tech in Southern California. I gave Blaze dyslexia, and gave him black skin in a cream white town, and watched him fight his way through with humor and strength because of his faith in God. Another favorite character is Clarence Knight, in the Sacred Trust series being republished this summer. His character is based on my beloved cousin, Mark Patterson, whose younger brother, Eugene, is my #1 webmaster and assistant. You'll see what I mean about Clarence if you read Sacred Trust, Solemn Oath and Silent Pledge. He fought the battle of obesity, as Mark did. I wish Mark had lived long enough to know that his memory, and his spirit, live on in a hero who overcomes.

11)Anything else you would like to share with our readers?

Keep reading. It's a way to learn, to grow, to connect with others, and to escape when life overwhelms you.

Thanks again for joining me here today Hannah!

Thank you so much for the honor of asking me. It's been fun!

Hope everyone Enjoyed this Interview, because I know I have,

Check back later this week for some reviews of Hannah's Work!

And don't forget to check out her web Site!

Where Did the Idea of Paper Valentine's Start?
(legend #1)

Paper valentines differed from those of today in that most were printed without messages, leaving the eighteenth-century lover to pen his own sentiment. Since the occasion would render all but the practicing poet speechless, professionals soon published "Valentine Writers" to help untangle the tongues of the lovelorn. These inexpensive books offered lovers flowery verses, disarming prose, or simple questions to which the intended could reply. Messages were written on behalf of men or women, the young or the old, even those in various professions.

A wealthy Elizabethan lover could afford to hire a writer to craft a personal verse, or pay a songster to compose special lyrics to popular tunes of the day. A songster would even deliver the lover's message, filling the streets and alleys with romantic serenades on Valentine's Day.
Paper valentines became popular in the eighteenth century. Before commercial printers created the colorful heirlooms we now have from Victorian times, people created their own valentines from paper scraps. American colonist spent cold winter nights making paper cutouts featuring knot patterns and interlocking hearts. Special verses were written inside the interlocking paths of these "love knots." Since the verse had no precise beginning or end, the recipient could begin reading the message starting at any line.
~Rae Byuel~

As The Photo says, I would like to start a New Feature...But First I want you input! How would y'all like an Author of the Week? By this I mean, about once a month, for a week, I would pick an author, and feature his/hers books for that week. (don't be surprised, if at first it isn't every month) But what would yall think of it? Please leave me your input in the Comment section.

UPDATE: the First Author of the Week will be starting Feb. 15, and lasting till Feb 21!!! Please come and check out the Author, Whose name is a secret till Sunday!

~Rae Byuel~

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Hey y'all, I joined this meme today! 100+ books for the year 2009....Now I get to count the ones I've read in Jan. even though I didn't join till today! This should be fun...n class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_0">yall better keep me on my toes!IV> >
  • Petticoat Ranch (2-5-09)-Mary
  • lass="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_1">Connealyspan>IV>
  • Calico Canyon-Mary error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_2">Connealy
  • e Red Siren (Jan)-M.L. Tyndall
  • 14.Wings of the Morning (Jan)-Lori Wick
  • n=left>Who Brings forth the Wind (Jan)-Lori Wick
  • V align=left>The Knight and the Dove (2-2-09) -Lori Wick

  • Torchlight (Jan)-Lisa ELLING_ERROR_7">Tawn Bergren
  • Treasure (Jan)-Lisa Tawn R_10">Bergren
  • Chosen (Jan)-Lisa
  • Tawnn> Bergren

  • >Julia's Last Hope-Janette Oke-(2-9-09)
  • A Gown of Spanish Lace-Janette Oke (2-9-09)DIV>
  • Necessary Measures-Hannah Alexander(2-7-09)
  • .Urgent Care-Hannah Alexander(2-8-09)DIV>
  • (3-1-09)
  • IV align=left>Sleeping Murder-Agatha ING_ERROR_22">Christy(Feb)
  • The Murder at The Vicarage-Agatha _ERROR_23">Christy(Feb)
  • Blind Dates-4 Different Authors (3-2-09)
  • The Miracle Worker (March)
  • City Girl- Lori Wick (April)
  • align=left>Ocean's Apart- Karen
  • Kingsbur
  • ypan> (April)

  • eft>A Stitch in Time (March)
  • Highland Legacy (March)
  • Waterfalls-Robin Jones Gunn-(March)
  • Kansas Home- Tracey V. Bateman(April)
  • Save my Children-Emily Wierenga (March)
  • A Texas Sky -Lori Wick (March
  • The Ark, the Reed, & the Fire Cloud-Jenny L. Cote (April)
  • Angel of Wrath-Bill Myers (May)
  • Words Unspoken-Elizabeth Musser(June)
  • Double Minds-Terri Blac
  • kstockan>(june)

  • )
  • The Princess -Lori Wick (July)
  • A Bride in the Bargain-Deeanne Gist (July)
  • Danger in the Shadows-Dee Henderson-(Aug)
  • The Negotiator-Dee Henderson-(Aug)
  • The Guardian-Dee Henderson-(Aug)
  • The Truth Seeker-Dee Henderson-(Aug)
  • The Protector-Dee Henderson-(Aug)
  • The Healer-Dee Henderson-(Aug)
  • The Rescuer-Dee Henderson-(Aug)
  • Rivers Edge- Terri Blackstock-(Aug)
  • Breaker's Reef- Terri Blackstock-(Aug)
  • Nothing But Trouble-Susan May Warren-(July)
  • Not Far From the Tree-Ruth Smith Meyer-(July)
  • Mohamed's Moon-Keith Clemons-(Aug)
  • Sugar and Grits-(July)
  • Bride Most Begrudging-Deeanne Gist-(July)
  • The Measure of a Lady-Deeanne Gist-(July)
  • Yada Yada Pray Group Get's decked out-(Sept)
  • Dreaming in Black and White-Laura jensen walker- (Sept)
  • What a Girl Wants- Kristin Billerbeck-(Sept)
  • If Only You Knew-Mags Storey- (Sept.)
  • A Universal Beauty-Sept
  • Talking to the Dead-(Oct)
  • Redeeming love-F.Rivers-(Sept)
  • The Queen of Sleepy Eye-(Oct)
  • One Tuesday Morning-(Sept 11)
  • Beyond Tuesday Morning-(Sept 11)
  • Cowboy Christmas-Mary Connealy-(Oct)
  • Courting the Doctor's Daughter-(Oct)
  • The Witness-Dee Henderson
  • A Place Called Home-Lori Wick (Nov)
  • A Song for Silas-Lori Wick (Nov)
  • The Gathering of Memories-Lori Wick (Nov)
  • Fools Rush In- Janice Thompson-(Nov)
  • Kansas Weddings-Kim Vogel Sawyer(Nov)
  • Forever Christmas-Christine Lynxwiller-(11/12/09)
  • For Young Women Only
  • The Bartered Bride
  • The Blue Enchantress

    1. More to come later :) (and the dates in the Parenthesis is the date when finished. :) I Made it!!! Yeah! I'm so excited that I made it to 100!!!


      Vengeance By: Donna Dawson


      FBI agent James Benedict thought he was going on vacation. He thought he would have two weeks of relaxation and rest aboard the cruise ship bound for Hawaii. But he was wrong. Within hours of setting sail, a passenger dies, covered in horrendous boils that have eaten deep into flesh and bone. When another dies of the same strange condition, it is feared that a virus has been let loose. James is the only one who can find out if there is a connection between the slect few chosen to die-if he doesn't die himself.

      Dr. Julie Holding struggles to focus on her own FBI-appointed tasks while the man she loves is stuck in the Pacific aboard a floating time bomb. Little does she know that she, too, will become embroiled in the conspiracy and intrigue that has taken hold of the ship and its passengers.

      Vengeance will keep you on the edge of your seat as you discover the atrocities hidden in the pages of history and the stuggle to keep faith and focus in a crazy world.


      As the back cover mentions, Vengeance WILL keep you on the edge of your seat, waiting to find out who and why, are doing this to the passengers of the Cruise Ship. While James is on the Ship, Julie is back on land working with a little girl that had gone through a major shock, and working on her relationship with James.

      James is unsure if he can continue his job as an FBI agent, and continue his relationship with Julie. While working on this mysterious case, will he be able to realize what God wants him to do? Or will he only do what he thinks is best.

      Vengeance is a page turning story. From page one, Donna keeps you waiting, thinking of...Who done it? and Who's the Next Victom and Why? She takes you through 2 weeks with James & Julie, through their fears, their joys, and their love for eachother. It was well written, and I can't wait to read more!

      To Buy this Book, CLICK HERE, for only $16.99

      Check out these other member blogs this week for more info.

      Check out my newest Blog! Rollers, Ribbons, & Rouge!

      I'm a member of...