One Smooth Stone By: Marcia Lee Laycock

*This Book was part of the CFRB's March Tour, but due to some unseen obstacles, the book was late in reaching me for reviewing.

Synopsis of One Smooth Stone:
Alex Donnelly knows all about running. He's running from his past pain, from the police, and from God. Raised in an abusive foster home, Alex is angry at the world and tries to bury his pain by hiding out in the far north, near Dawson City Yukon.

But then one day a lawyer shows up on his doorstep and tells him he has inherited a sum of money. Sceptical, yet intrigued, Alex returns to his birth city to find answers to questions about his parents and his past.

What he finds is a young woman who seems to understand him too well, and a secret that causes him to run again.

But God goes before him and sets up a few more divine appointments, including an attack by Grizzly bear.

This book proves that no matter how far you run, God will find you; and no matter what you have done, God will forgive you.


At First I wasn't sure about this book, it was one of those things, that they were low on Reviewers so I decided 'sure I'll review it'. I am so glad that I decided to review this book! It all starts with a boy who is put in foster care, and treated terribly! and then is blamed for a terrible crime...SO he runs to the Yukon!

The only problem is there is a very determined Law Firm trying to track him down to give him his inheritance...that he knew nothing about...From parents he can't remember! When George (the attorney) Finds him, and finally convinces him to come to Seattle, Alex is in for more surprises!

He meets a Beautiful woman, and receives some shocking news via letter that his mother wrote him when they set up the inheritance account.

Will he be able to stop running long enough to realize the only person he's really running from is God? And that even though he may think he's not worthy of someone's love, it's not always his decision?

This story was so good that I ended up reading it in 1 day...I just couldn't put it down!

In my book this is a 4/5 Star Book! I'll definitely be waiting to see if there is any more books to this story! (she sure left it like there could :)

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To the FTC and whomever else it may concern, I received this book from Marcia Lee Laycock, through the Christian Fiction Review Blog group. In return, I have promised to review the book but have been given the freedom by Marcia Lee Laycock to give my honest opinions whether they be positive or negative.

Who Brings for the wind By: Lori Wick

#3 in the Kensigton Chronicles

Back Cover:

Raised by her aging grandfather in the quiet English countryside, Stacy Daniels radiates a sweet loveliness and unguarded innocence that quickly captures the attention of London society.

Stacy's summer visit to her aunt catapults her into a swirl of balls and teas--and an unexpected meeting with Lord Tanner Richardson, the handsome yet cynical Duke of Cambridge.

Stacy cannot know the joy-turned-to-anguish that awaits her as the duke battles his own tormented past. Nor can she foresee the betrayal that will challenge her faith. Yet through the heights and depths of their turbulent love, Stacy comes to know the One who can not only bring forth the wind but also calm the angry storms of her husband's heart.


Anastasia Daniels, more commonly known as Stacy to friends and family, is the kind of person who hates to see anyone unhappy, so she tries her hardest to please everyone. So when her aunt requests her presence in London for the Summer, and she see's that her Grandfather believes she should go, she goes to please him. Being a taller woman, she didn't have many offers of matrimony in Middlesbrough, England, So she had hopes of meeting her Tall, Dark Handsome 'Knight' in London.

Tanner Richardson, He was married once before, but his wife died, and left him with some bitter news as a result of it. So now he doesn't trust women, but he can't help but be drawn to this tall beautiful woman with Honey-blond hair. But can he convince her aunt to let him see her? Because her aunt knows what kind of man he is, and never takes into consideration that Stacy might love Tanner, all she can think of is what the man once was...Will she let Stacy chose her own path? Or will she keep the two separated forever?

I have to say that this Book has a lot of up and downs, but it keeps you turning the pages wondering what will happen next...But Watch how God changes the lives of both Tanner and Stacy, and eventually her Aunt throughout the book! It truly is a wonderful story of Redeeming Love!

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Wings of the Morning By Lori Wick

#2 in the Kensington Chronicles

Back Cover:
Victoria Simmons, "Smokey" to all who knew her, had been scaling the rigging of her father's ship from the time she could walk. A Woman now, she stands silently on deck as her father's body is lowered into the Atlantic, asking God for the strength she will need to command the Aramis alone.

Not wanting to remain forever at sea forever, Smokey dreams of the time when she can trade her life aboard ship for a home and family. When she meets another sea captain, Dallas Knight, owner of the Zephyr, Smokey believes her dream will finally come true. But circumstances beyond their control and schemes of a cunning pirate threaten to destroy the young couple's hope for the future.


Ok, I love books about the 'High Seas'. I love reading about pirates, and sailors who meet and fall in love. Even though this book isn't about a pirate falling in love, it is about sailors, or should I say Captains?!

On the Sea, Everyone knows her as 'Smoke', she keeps her identity hidden, so that no one knows shes a girl, but when she meets Dallas that all changes, she starts to regret not telling anybody about who she truly is. So she 'steps out of the Shadows' so to speak. Now the Ocean is a buzz with the news that the Famous Captain Smoke, is a Woman! And not just any woman, but a beautiful one to boot! And that's not the only secret she has, Her father was the Famous, Captain Clancy, But everyone made him like a hero, and he didn't want to be her Hero, just a very good father...besides what they say he has accomplished would have taken him 200 yrs to do!

One day while at her Friend, Jennifer Pemberton's house, her brother( Jen's Brother) Comes for a visit, and Dallas Knight, and she falls head over heals for him...but does he share her feelings? Or does he only she her as his Sister's Clumsy friend?

Join Smokey and Dallas on a whirlwind Romance across the seas, watching them discover that they aren't all that they appear to be! Watch Dallas struggle with his feelings, and Smokey struggling with the unwanted affections of a certain Pirate.

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