"All I want is a cute Christian guy who doesn't live with his mother and maybe a Prada handbag."

What a Girl Wants by: Kristin Billerbeck
~An Ashley Stockingdale Novel~ #3

Back Cover:

Ever Felt like the last item left on the clearance rack?

As a successful Patent attorney, Ashley Stockingdale has all the makings of a perfect catch-the looks, the brains, even a convertible. But at 31, she's beginning to wonder if she's been passed over for good.
Deciding to adopt a new attitude, Ashley suddenly becomes the romantic interest of three men within a matter of days. While her heart enjoys turning the tables on the dating game, the rest of her previously predictable world is being urned upside down. Is it more than Ashley can handle? Or is it exactly what she wants?
Award-winning author Kristin Billerbeck combines comedy with spunk to create a memorable story in What a Girl Wants-an all-too-realistic picture of a single girl's search for being content with who she is...with or without man.

Kristen has done it again! She's given the world another great story about a girl's journey from being single to finding a mate. In What a Girl Wants, Kristen takes Ashley through the process of figuring out what is right for her...To be single, To be married...Should I be with him...Or this other guy? And On top of that, her "no good" brother, the one with the lousy job, that still lives with the parents, finds his mate, and is getting married, while Ashley has been trying to work her way up in the company for a couple of years.
Ashley is part of a group at her church called The Reasons (explenation:There's single for a season, and single for a reason) Every week they do the same thing...They all go out to eat (normally chili's) and then they decide on whether or not they should watch Matrix or not (have to read the book to understand). Then in the middle of the week or so, they get together for a challenge, and everytime Ashley shows up, she is reminded that she is still single...
But when Ashley starts to get attention from 3 men at one time, her world is tipped upside down. From her Work World to her Love Life, this girl has one thing happening after the other.
BUt at the end, She learns there's more to life, than looking for a mate and working.
This is a great book, and I recommend it to anyone that likes Kristen Billerbeck's Spa Girls Series (a fav of mine:)
The Titles of the Other 2 Books in the series: Shes Out Of Control #1, With this Ring, I'm Confused #2

Hey Y'all!!! I found a new Author!!!! I was on my way home from Florida, and saw this book store where all books were under $3....So I stopped, after a 3 hr detor!!!!(Talk about long and hot :)

Dreaming in Black & White By: Laura Jensen Walker, and I can't wait to read more from her!!!

Back Cover:

She's smart.
She's savvy.
She's...well, she's working on the thighs.
And with God as her witness, She'll never let that man spoil her happy

Phoebe Grant is everyone's favorite movie geek-unbeatable at trivia, convinced that all the world's a movie screen. She can organize a four-hankie chick-flickathon with a wave of her tall, nonfat, double mocha. And she's a shoo-in for the job of her dreams-movie reviewer for the newspaper where she works.

Enter Alex Spence-not only gorgeous but also a film buff, perfectly cast for a celluloid kiss and a fade to sunset. Unfortunately, Ales is the villain who sends Phoebe packing to the last place on earth she wants to be-back home to boring little Barley, California.

But Wait. It couldn't be. Dark, Handsome, and annoying Alex...in Barley?

Can Phoebe protect her hometown-and her heart-and prove It's a Wonderful life?
Or is her promising future truly Gone with the Wind?

I LOVED IT!!! I'm a huge fan of old movies, so reading a book that has a TON of quotes from movies that I know and love was great! Not to mention Ms. Laura showed me some other ones, that I can't wait to see.

Phoebe is your average American Girl. She's not a skinny bean pole, and she doesn't wilt in the rain. (which is a nice change sometimes) Phoebe's working for a newspaper who just happens to have an opening coming for a Movie Reviewer....How cool is that, to be paid to watch movies?!?!?! That's what Phoebe thought too...until she walks into her boss' office, and there sits Tall, Dark, and Handsome...Until Phoebe realizes what he's doing there! Taking over the Newspaper! And Getting Rid of the Movie Review column and Phoebe. Forcing Phoebe to take on some extra jobs to keep her awesome red couch, apartment, and her Tall, nonfat, Double Mocha's! Until she's called back to her home town to help her mother who broke her arms, and now needs help...Can Phoebe Survive this 'backwoods' town? Or will she go screaming for the City?

I want you to hear the first line in Laura's book...it's so good, and it catches your attention!!!

My thighs were at it again.
They whispered
behind my back with every pantyhose-clad step I took-a whoosh-whoosh rhythm that
sounded remarkably like one of my Mom's old Engelbert Humperdinck records:
"Please release me..."

Now if that doesn't make you curious, I don't know what will!!! hehe
I Highly Recommend this book! I loved it, and can't wait to read the sequel, Dreaming in Technicolor!


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Mohamed's Moon by: Keith Clemons

Back Cover:

Are We Enimies...
Or Brothers?
Two Brothers seperated at birth growup worlds apart. Outwordly they are exactly alike, but inwardly nothings the same-one is a devotee of Fundimentalist Islam, the other, a Christian. In this modern day Cain and Able story, the lines are not drawn over just whose God is right, but also over the fact that they're both in love with the same girl.

It's a conflict with grave repercussions, little hope of resolution--and time is running out. In the background, a plan has been set in motion that will bring the United States government to its knees. Will an unexpected visitation reconcile the brothers in time to save the woman they love--and ultimately, themselves--from the coming devastation?
In his award-winning style, author Keith Clemons delivers a profound comparison between Christianity and Islam, a dichotomy of life versus death, love versus hate, and grace versus legalism. Mohamed's Moon will plunge you into a world where hatred and heinous acts are justified. But if hatred is potent, it pales in comparison to the power of God's love.

I though Mohamed's Moon was a great book, It had the right amount of educational aspects, along with the romance.

Imagine, Growing up with an Islam boy for your best friend, only to have the country you were born into decide that you should be killed for being christian. So You leave all you know behind... And later when at college you meet someone who looks just like that boy in Egypt all those years ago. But he claims he's never seen her before. What's a girl to think?

And then one day on the Soccer field, These two men run into eachother...and it looks like they are looking at a mirror. And Layla doesn't know what to do.

Mohamed and Matthew see the resemblence just as well as anyone else....but instead of 'hitting' it off...they hate eachother. And only one of them knows that they are really brothers.

The First couple of chapters confused me a bit. I wasn't sure who Matthew was at first...and so when he jumps between the two boys, I was slightly confused...But once that was clarified, the reading 'got good'. I was drawn into the story, and Couldn't put it down. I have to say that it ends differently that I thought it would. But it was all in all a good story, and I'll be revisiting it again and again!
About the Author:
Keith Clemons, a native of Southern California, is an alumnus of California State University – Fullerton where he earned a degree in English literature. He lives with his wife, Kathryn, in Caledon, Ontario, Canada. His four previous novels, Angel in the Alley, If I should Die, These Little Ones and Above the Stars, have accumulated a total of six writing awards.

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Ok, I was out looking again, and found another giveaway (She's Giving Away 5 Books!!!)...and I thought I would pass it on to you!

From Books and Needlepoint Blog

About the book: Ally Giordano’s beloved grandmother actually believes that she's living in her favorite romance novel in Regency England and Ally doesn't have the heart to set her straight. But now Granny Donny's last wish is for a retreat to the country and Ally can't refuse her...until she demands that Sam Carson accompany them. And though his smiles turn her knees into jelly, Ally knows better than to trust a playboy...and she definitely knows better than to try to change one. Or does she? (Hachette)
Here are some Fun Facts about the book from Hachette:
1. Because Granny Donny thinks she’s living in a regency romance novel, I had to research modern-day horse-and-carriages in New York City. I spent a whole day riding with Daisy, a sweet black Percheron with a thing for carrots.
2. I needed a modern-day equivalent of sword fighting so the men could show their honor and courage. Naturally, I chose soccer. I wrote each soccer scene as if it was an old-fashioned fight to the death.
3. The sub-plot of the carriage driver Mateo was based on a true story. I won’t tell the story here (no spoilers!), but when you read Rogue you might recognize it.
4. In a former life, I used to work in advertising in New York City. We sometimes had low-budget clients, and we had to bend all sorts of rules to “get the shot.” The story of the carriage crossing the Brooklyn Bridge is based on one of those shoots gone terribly wrong.
5. The scene of waltzing at midnight in Central Park is also based on a true story, except that I wasn’t one of the brave souls dancing. I was in a cab, driving through the park. The cab driver was so impressed, he pulled over and we watched. It was a sight (and sound) I swore I’d never forget.You can also read an excerpt of How to Tame a Modern Rogue before you enter!
Rules for the giveaway:
1.Five copies to giveaway.
2.Open only to U.S. and Canada.
No PO Boxes
3.All entries can be in one comment.
4.+1 Must leave email address in comment.
5.+2 if you are a new or old follower - but please let me know.
6.+3 if you post this on any social network - (limit of 6 entries for this one - so you can post it as many places as you would like, but only 2 will count). If you post on Twitter - please use @kherbrand.
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8.Giveaway ends on Sept 4th.


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