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Morning's Refrain by: Tracie Peterson
#2 in the Song of Alaska Series
AVAILABLE: March 2010

About the Book:
Phoebe Robbins quickly realizes that her life in Sitka, Alaska, will be a far cry from what she knew in the East. The weather seems to be constantly rainy, goods are often scarce, and there's little entertainment, save the small orchestra she joins. There are also plenty of men actively seeking a wife, but it is Dalton Lindquist--with his swarthy good looks--who is the most intriguing part of this isolated existence. Despite their unusual first encounter, Phoebe dares to hope that the spark she feels between them is returned in equal measure. When Yuri Belikov, Dalton's best friend, begins to pursue her, Phoebe finds herself in a precarious position. Did she misread Dalton's interest? How will her decision between the two men affect their friendship? And what of the long-buried secret in her own family's past? In the challenges ahead, Phoebe will learn of consequence and forgiveness...and the power of love.

As dark family secrets threaten the tranquility of the life he's come to love, Dalton Lindquist must make difficult choices about the future. To complicate matters, Phoebe Robbins falls into his life quite literally when Dalton rescues her after she tumbles overboard in the Sitka Harbor. He quickly loses his heart. But Dalton is not the only one who decides to seek Phoebe's attention--his best friend, Yuri, decides to court her when Dalton must travel from Sitka. But when Dalton realizes the depth of his love for Phoebe and returns, the two friends find that their battle for Phoebe's admiration is only the start of the problems that face them.

Marissa Gladstone has already buried her father and had one man walk out
on her, so when her boyfriend Hawke Davies suddenly proposes, Marissa’s
unsure things will last. Hoping that her quiet summer at home will give her time
to think, Marissa forgets that her first love may be home for the summer.
Before she can give Hawke an answer, she needs to find out why Sean
deserted her. But when the competition heats up between the boys, Sean tries to
win her back by making a staggering confession that links his former life to
Hawke. Forgiving Sean may be the answer she has needed all along and allow
her to choose the man she’s always loved.

It was a good book, I loved the way she showed that the only way to truly let go of something is to forgive either yourself, or the other person involved. And let me tell you Marissa had a lot to work through. As a junior in highschool, just about to enter her senior year, Marissa is rushed to the emergency room, where she finds out she's losing her baby...a baby she didn't know was there. And when she needs the father more than ever (Sean) he's not there, he's just skipped town, and hasn't looked back. But now, 3 years later, Sean's back in town...and he wants Marissa back. Problem #1- Marissa is now 'Hawke's Girl', an ex-drug addict that has given his life to the Lord, and who now helps out in the local youth program at his church. Only thing is that's not how Sean remembers him, and he tries to tell Marissa just the kind of man Hawke really is...only thing is, Marissa knows, and they've already talked about it, and forgiven each other for their past mistakes.
Problem #2- Sean is injured, so will his life career be ruined? and will that mean having to live in the same neighborhood as Marissa? With a family that is unhappy with him.
Hawke....Let's just say, he's the best! He's with Marissa every step of the way through this healing process of finally letting Sean go...because as she does this process it will finally help them be able to start their life together. I just have to say Jessica did a fantastic job coming up with Hawke. You'll fall in love with this man, as you read about his life story, and how far he's actually come. (FYI: her next book 'Hawke's Take' is all about Hawke's story....)

I loved this book...I would have to say it's for an older audience(older Teen and up), as it does have the baby out of wedlock, and how it talks about their pasts. But all in all this was a good book, and I can't wait to read the next one, to see how far Hawke really came!

About the Author:
Jessica Adriel is a licensed minister, author, mother and speaker. She
spends her days penning books, preparing talks and delving into the world of
teenagers. Her gifts of communication and compassion were noticed early on
when she composed over 800 poems during high school and yet spent a great
deal of time with volunteer efforts. A native to New England, it was Jessica’s
tragic stint of car accidents, assaults and a four year career in
modeling, that inspired her to write ‘real life’ novels that impact teenagers.
Today Jessica inspires and ignites teens to find their God given purpose
through her books and challenging seminars. Her stories provide a bridge between
today's generation and the pressures of media and peer pressure which lead
teens in the wrong direction. Armed with a plethora of stories and a deep
love for God, Jesus introduces her audience to Christ in unconventional,
yet very powerful ways.

Visit the author's website and
check out the
Free Chapter

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To the FTC and whomever else it may concern, I received this book from the author, through Christian Fiction Review Blog. In return, I have promised to review the book but have been given the freedom by Jessica Adriel(author) to give my honest opinions whether they be positive or negative.

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