Hey y'all,

I know it's been like FOREVER since I've posted....well since January :) That's in part because of my getting ready to head to college in the fall, so I have a ton of things in the process for that. But something really cool, I have officially received my student e-mail address...makes it seem so real right? Can't wait!

Anyway, back to the title of this post! lol, I'm just rambling on and on :) But I was at Goodwill the other day with my mom and little sister, and as always, I check out the book situation ($1.50 for a book, can't beat that!) since I never pay full price for a book...And low an behold, someone donated a ton of Karen Kingsbury books!!! Of course there were a few I already owned, but I am now the proud owner of : Oceans Apart, Even Now, and books 1,3-5 of the Firstborn Series, all for $9! Seriously, You can't beat that!!!

So the point of this post is, If your on a budget and you notice you haven't read any new books for what seems like forever, Check out your local Goodwill! Maybe you'll stumble on some 'new' books! (I always find christian authors, it's just finding ones I don't already own:)

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