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>Last Light

>Night Light.

>True Light

>Dawn's Light

Newpointe 911 Series

>Private Justice

>Shadow of Doubt

>Word of Honor

>Trial by Fire
>Line of Duty

The Seasons Series

>Seasons under Heaven

>Showers in Season

>Times and Seasons

>Season of Blessings

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Youth Books:

>The Gifted Sophmores

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>Double Minds >Miracles
>Emerald Windows >Seaside

>Covenant Child >The Listener

>The Gifted

Compilation Projects:

>Sweet Delights >So Shine

>The Blue Convertable


>Soul Resturation

Coming Soon!!!

>Intervention (Coming September 22, 2009)
(There's A Book Trailer Video on her site for this book!

Check Out her Website!!! And Thanks for coming by for the Author of the Week's Final Posting!
Double Minds By Terri Blackstock

Back Cover:
The young girl with the Bohemian style was on the floor where she’d fallen, between Parker's computer case and her file cabinet. She wore a long, flowing skirt—lavender, the color of calm—and camel-colored Uggs. She lay on her back, her long, wavy blonde hair matted with blood.
For struggling singer/songwriter Parker James, the music business has just turned deadly. Her desk in the reception area of a busy recording studio has become a crime scene, and Parker finds herself drawn into a mystery where nothing is as it seems. Unraveling the truth puts her own life at risk when she uncovers high-level industry corruption and is terrorized by a menacing stalker.
As the danger escalates, Parker begins to question her dreams, her future, and even her faith. Double Minds is a double treat—combining a compelling suspense novel with an inside look at the world of the Christian music industry in Nashville. Terri Blackstock grabs readers at page one and keeps them riveted until the final plot twist is untangled.

GREAT read! She's done it again! Another 'edge of your seat', 'who dun it' kind of story! With Just a Hint of Romance! ( A Perfect Combination!)
Parker is off doing a concert the night, a girl is killed at her desk! But not only is the girl gone...but some of her personal work as well. Being a songwriter, Parker listens to her own work, to make sure it sounds right...but someone else is starting to use her music...without her knowing!
Her Best Friend, who sings her songs...has convinced Parker to go on tour with her...But will Parker last the Tour? And why is someone following her? Every where she goes, she's seeing this car behind her. And this man watching her.
With only a short time to get her CD's ready, and only a limited budget, before going on tour...Parker must get the help of her Drunken Father who use to be a great musician., and her brothers...to get it done...And Perhaps a certain Musician/Youth Pastor was well??

What the Author says on her site about the book!
As talented singer/songwriter Parker James struggles to make her mark on the Nashville music scene, she finds the competition can be fierce – even deadly.
When a young woman is murdered at the recording studio where Parker works, Parker is drawn into a mystery where nothing is as it seems. Unraveling the truth puts her own life at risk when she uncovers high-level industry corruption and is terrorized by a menacing stalker. As the danger escalates, Parker begins to question her dreams, her future, and even her faith. Does stardom even matter anymore?


Breaker's Reef by Terri Blackstock
#4 in her Cape Refuge Series

About the Book:
Murder and mystery continue in Book Four of the Cape Refuge series A famous mystery writer has just moved to Cape Refuge when a teenage girl is found murdered. Sheila Caruso–ex-con, mother to Sadie and Caleb, and resident of Hanover House–is working for the writer when she discovers that a scene in one of his novels matches the crime scene. When Police Chief Cade and Blair Owens discover a second dead teenager–mirroring a murder in another of the eccentric writer’s books–Cade is drawn into a web of trickery and deceit. Evidence turns up in Cade’s own truck, and suddenly he becomes the number-one suspect. Cade tries to clear his name, but when eighteen-year-old Sadie Caruso disappears, tensions mount to a fever pitch. Can Cade find the real killer before Sadie winds up dead? Is the novelist a demented killer, or a hapless victim? And what does Sadie’s own mother have to do with the crimes? Secrets are uncovered, while lessons are learned about the sins of the father being visited upon his children. Will the consequences of Sheila’s life be fatal, or is there redemption and mercy for her and her children?
"Chief Matthew Cade rarely considered another line of work, but news of the dead teenage girl made him long for a job as an accountant or electrician—some benign vocation that didn’t require him to look into the eyes of grieving parents."
This is one interesting Ending to a Series! You think anything that could happen, has happened right? WRONG! Now there is a killer out there, that is killing young girls! AND is killing them, the same way a certain author, who has just moved to the area, has written about in his novels. And they know he loves to experience what his Characters are doing...Could he be the one?
Who ever is doing the killing is out to get Chief Cade, planting evidence in his truck....OR having him find one of the bodies, when he's about to propose to Blair.
Cade's Being Accused, and Blair knows he's innocent, but how are they going to solve this one? Blair's new assistant, Sadie, is tied into the case, because she knows the people that are dying...But will she keep herself safe while she's trying to break the case?
But don't worry, This isn't all about the Mystery! You'll Love the ending to this wonderful series that Terri Blackstock has Written! But that's all I"m going to tell you, otherwise you'll guess what it is...:)
Stop in tomorrow, for the Review of Double Minds!


River's Edge by Terri Blackstock
#3 in the Cape Refuge Series

About the Book:
The man Lisa Jackson loved most may have betrayed her. Another used deception to manipulate her. But did one of them kill her?
Morgan’s miscarriage sends her into deep depression. She turns to her friend Lisa Jackson, who has suffered multiple miscarriages, and who truly understands Morgan’s grief.
But Lisa has suddenly disappeared, and her husband Ben is certain she’s met with foul play.
When a psychic’s tip leads police to Lisa’s body, Police Chief Cade is convinced the seer had inside knowledge. Then Cade learns of the letters Lisa received from a woman claiming to be Ben’s lover. Blair Owens–in her new role as newspaper reporter–begins searching for the woman who wrote the letters. Could Lisa’s death have anything to do with Ben’s affair?
Meanwhile, Morgan and her husband begin seeing Lisa’s fertility specialist. As Chief Cade hears of what the doctor is telling his friends, he begins to wonder if Lisa’s death could be tied to her long quest to bear a child. Does the clinic hold any clues?
Lisa Has All of a sudden Disappeared, and Morgan wants to get in touch with her...Little does she know, that she'll never talk to Lisa again.
Emotions are high...Lisa's been found dead, Doctors are Lying, Candidates are Confused...What will happen next?
Another one of Terri Blackstock's edge of your seat thrillers....You won't want to miss this ride! Everyone is going through tough times...The Cleary's have just had a miscarriage, Ben Jackson has lost his wife...and Blair and Cade have just started their relationship, but are constantly interrupted. Will Cade be able to do his job knowing, that if anyone but Johnathan is elected Mayor, he'll lose his job? And Will he be able to find the killer before he strikes again? And will he be able to stop this doctor from Hurting his Best Friends Family?
I'm Sitting here, trying to decide what I can tell y'all about this book, with out giving away to much of the plot...But All I can come up with is... YOU HAVE GOT TO READ THIS ONE! lol.


Southern Storm by Terri Blackstock
#2 in the Cape Refuge Series

Back Cover:

First A Dead Stranger,
Now a Missing Police Cheif.
Did Cheif Cade Run of to Elope...
Or Has He Met with Foul Play?

The Body in the Morgue had no ID. No one knows who he was or where he came from when he walked out in front of Cade's Car. And when Cade learns he had a gunshot wound before he was struck, finding his indentity becomes even more urgent.
Then Cade Vanishes. The authorities discover the victim's name, and the woman Cade was last seen with turns out to have been the dead man's wife.

Speculations abound about Cade's relationship to the woman, and his part in the victim's death. His disappearence makes him look even more suspicious.

But Blair Owens doesn't believe the rumors. Something has happened to Cade, and she's determined to find him. Saving Cade's life will take faith in a God Blair has always doubted-but He may be her only hope.


Another great adventure for the Owens' Family! First with finding the murderer of their parents, and now Cade's disappearance. Was he taken, or did he elope like everyone else thought? Blair doesn't think he would elope...so that leaves him in trouble, and she believes she the only one who can get him out of it! But she needs help from someone greater than the Police force...But can she trust the one thing she's always doubted? And will she get to Cade in time?

And don't you worry, Morgan and her husband Johnathan, are there to help, both with finding Cade and helping Blair truse God.
Get ready for Terri to take you on another thrilling Mystery...with a nice 'hint' of Romance.
Don't Forget to Come Back Tomorrow for More in the Cape Refuge Series!


Cape Refuge by Terri Blackstock
# 1 in her Cape Refuge series

Back Cover:

Two Bodies, One Spear Gun, And a Murder Suspect.

But did Morgan Cleary's Husband really kill her parents?

A Brutal Double murder has struck fear into the hearts of the peaceful Cape Refuge community. The crime weapon belongs to the victims' son-in-law but Police Chief Cade remains unconvinced that his best friend took the lives of Thelma and Wayne Owans. The Owan's ministry, a halfway house, shelters individuals far more questionable that Johnathan Cleary. Now people are concerned it might house a murder who could strike again.

Shattered by her parent's death Morgan Cleary struggles to keep Hanover House running while her husband sits in jail. Her sister Blair, is not help, embittered by the scars of her past, she wants no part of her dead parent's ministry or their Christian faith. She wants to sell the house - Until her determined search for the murder uncovers some startling findings. A lethal race against time ensues Morgan, Blair, and Cade with far more than Hanover House at stake.


I love Terri's writings!! She is good at getting out the mystery and the murders without a ton of detail....like secular writers do....When the parents die, Terri gives your the right amount of detail, and doesn't over do it. I love recommending her books to my friends and family. Actually right now I have this one loaned out to a friend.

Morgan and Johnathan are newlyweds, when Morgan's Parents are murdered with Johnathan's Spear Gun....Evidence points to him, in a couple of directions. But Morgan, Blair, and Cade (of course Johnathan too) Knows he's innocent. But they have to prove it!

Morgan's having a hard time, trying to grieve, run Hanover House, and worry about Johnathan...She's not getting much rest...but she's relying on God to help her through.

Blair, Was scarred as a child, and has been bitter ever since....But she doesn't know that whole story to where she got those scars...Will she drop her bitterness long enough to find the truth about the scars, and about the one Truth that will set her free?

Cade's in a tight spot, he had to arrest his best friend, because of the Spear gun, but he knows he isn't guilty....But in order to get him out, he's got to catch the right person before he strikes again...

Come Back Later this Week, and Check out other writings by Terri!

This Month's Author of the Week, Is Terri Blackstock!!! I love reading her Mysteries/Romances!! They keep me intrigued, and wanting more!

This week I'd like to welcome Terri Blackstock to Caffeine & Romance, Thanks for being here today Terri.

Thanks for having me, Rae. It's great to be here.

1. Are you a full time writer, or do you do something else as well?

I've been writing full-time for 25 years.
2. I've Read a great deal of you books, and they are all well written, But what is your inspiration for them?

It depends. First of all, I have a very vivid imagination, that tends to swing toward the worst possible scenarios. So it's easy for me to What-If my way to a plot. Usually I write about things that I feel passionate about. My last book, Double Minds, was about a singer/songwriter's struggles between success on the world's terms and success on God's terms. That's very similar to my own writing career, so my own experiences inspired that book. My next book, Intervention, was inspired by my struggles with a family member who's recovering from severe drug addictions. So again, that came from some of my personal experiences. Often, I'm struck by some aspect of God's nature and the way he deals with his children, so I design a plot to illustrate that. Other times, I start with the plot and the theme arises from it, usually through whatever God is doing in my life.

I just read Double Minds Like a month or two ago, and It's great!! Look for a review on it later this week!!!!

3. Do you have a favorite Time Period to write in? If So Why?

While I was raising children, I kept school hours. Now that they're all grown and I have an empty nest, my time is much more flexible, but I still tend to keep school hours as much as possible. It's just what I'm used to. But I do sometimes write at night and on weekends now, since my time isn't so divided anymore.
4. Do you have a Favorite series? Why?

All of my books are like children to me, and when I speak of them, I remember those characters like a proud mom. Each series touches a different place in my heart. I loved my Cape Refuge characters, because I was able to illustrate why God allows suffering so vividly in those books. The Newpointe 911 was my tribute to those who work in our Emergency Services (firemen, police, paramedics), and after 9/11, those books mean even more. I loved my Restoration Series because it seemed somewhat prophetic, since it deals with a global power outage and the collapse of the financial system. I got very close to those characters, because I spent so much time with them. My SunCoast Chronicles were my first faith-based novels, so those have a special place in my heart, too. I also love the characters in my Seasons series (written with Beverly LaHaye), because they're such tear-jerkers and really steal your heart.
5. From reading your stories, I know that Faith is a big part of them. Would you like to Share your testimony?

I was raised in church and baptized at ten, but when I was fourteen, a boy at my school was killed in a car accident on the way home from school. Though his family were grieving, they used his death as an opportunity to win many of us kids to Christ. I believe that's when I truly had an understanding of my sin and what Christ had done for me. I gave my heart to Christ then, and walked closely with him for a while. But in my adult years, I began writing romance novels for publishers such as Harlequin, Silhouette, Dell, and HarperCollins. I went into that market thinking I'd write only books with clean love stories, but in the interest of fame and fortune, I began compromising. Eventually, I was writing novels as graphic as any others out there. It took it's toll on my spiritual life. I became miserable. Finally, I admitted that I'd strayed far off course, and I repented of what I'd been writing and told God I didn't want to write anything else that didn't glorify Him. Since then, I've written for Christian publishers. I decided to come into this market writing suspense novels, since I love reading that. Now that I've given my last holdout to God--my career--I find that I can be used by Him, and I'm constantly amazed at how often the Holy Spirit uses my books to impact lives. I'm now writing books that literally have eternal value, and that thrills me.

6. What's The Hardest part of writing books?

I have a short attention span, so I think the hardest part is the first draft. It's much easier for me to be creative in subsequent drafts, because the basic book is already down. I take each book through as many drafts as I have time for before deadline. I love the rewriting. It's just getting the story down the first time that I hate.
7. What's the Easiest?

The easiest thing for me is that I get to work at home, in my pajamas if I want. But other than that, there's not much that's easy about writing novels. It's really hard work. Not only do I have to craft a plot that has multiple layers and subplots, but I have to read it and rewrite it so many times that I practically have it memorized when I'm finished, and I have to do it before deadline. And I try very hard to make each book better than the one before.

8. What's Next for you? Are you currently working on a Book? And would you like to share a little bit of it with our readers?

I'm working on a book called Predator, about an online predator. It should release in the spring of 2010, but I don't want to give away too much about it while it's still in progress. But here's the blurb of my next book, Intervention.

It was her last hope—and the beginning of a new nightmare.Barbara Covington has
one more chance to save her daughter from a devastating addiction, by staging an
intervention. But when eighteen-year-old Emily disappears on the way to drug
treatment—and her interventionist is found dead at the airport—Barbara enters
her darkest nightmare of all.Barbara and her son set out to find Emily before
Detective Kent Harlan arrests her for a crime he is sure she committed. Fearing
for Emily’s life, Barbara maintains her daughter’s innocence. But does she
really know her anymore? Meanwhile, Kent has questions of his own. His gut tells
him that this is a case of an addict killing for drugs, but as he gets to know
Barbara, he begins to hope he’s wrong about Emily.The mysteries intensify as
everyone’s panic grows: Did Emily’s obsession with drugs lead her to commit
murder—or is she another victim of a cold-blooded killer?

9. What's your favorite way of taking in Caffeine? (Coffee, Tea, Chocolate...ect.)

I love hot tea and Diet Coke. I'm not a coffee drinker, and I avoid all those chocolate calories, except when I can't help myself.
10. Anything else you would like to tell our readers?

They can go to my web site at www.terriblackstock.com and see my book trailers, hear podcasts about specific books, and pre-order Intervention.

Thanks for Spending time With C&R, I had a wonderful time!
It was fun, Rae. Thank you for featuring me!

~Check back in all week, and see different Reviews on Some of Terri Blackstock's Books!!!! Like, Cape Refuge Series, Double Minds, and a list of all of her books!!!!


"Promise Me Always" by Christine Lynxwiler
#1 in the Pinky Promise Sisterhood Series

Back Cover:
Allie Richards has always dreamed of having her own landscaping company. After she loses her job, her lifelong "Pinky Promise" girlfriends convince her to enter the Beautiful Town Landscaping Competition, a prequel to the Shady Grove Centennial Celebration.
The Prize? A new landscaping truck, a chunk of cash, and a one-year contract for Shady Grove's Landscaping and maintenance.
But there's a hitch. Every move Allie's ragtag crew makes will be filmed and featured in the reality segment of the local TV show Wake Up, Shady Grove. And Daniel Montgomery, the man behind the camera, is after more that just a story. Will her be satisfied with anything less than Allie's heart?
Armed with a green thumb, help from her Pinky friends, and lots of determination, can Allie survive the hype,keep her fatherless kids from running a muck, maintain her faith, guard her heart-and still win the prize?

A Well Written book, after reading it, I found that I wanted to find, and read the rest of the series! I've always like the Love that comes about because for fights and what not.
In This story, Allie's a single parent, living in a house on her parent's land. She has just been laid-off from her job, She's trying to come up with a way to support her family, while trying to pursue her long time dream of owning a landscaping company...And that's where her Pinky Promise Friends step in to help. There's a contest that you landscape a section in town, and while doing the work, your on Live TV...and the winner gets a contract AND a landscaping Truck with your company name on it and everything! Talk about a great prize for someone who wants to have her own business...just the right thing to get her started....The only problem is, She has No Crew, with no way to pay one, if she did! and she's up against big shots. But that doesn't stop her Pinky Promise Friends! They all volunteer to help her out, along with her brother, Daughters, and Mother.....
Daniel is having to tape every team while they are working on their section in town.....But he's more interested in Allie, than just having to video tape her crew for the contest! But will he be able to get her to see that?

Thanks For Stoppin' By,

So Into You! by: Sandra Hill
(Another Giveaway from Books and Needlepoint, ENDS 9/2! Who's giving away 5 Copies!!!! So check it out! + she has a Book Trailer/video on her site!)
About the Book:
Angel Sabato has been in love with best friend Grace O'Brien for 10 years--but he's only just realized it. Too bad she doesn't take him seriously when he tells her about his feelings. Now Grace is left to wonder if her problems from the past are keeping her from opening herself to love. But she brushes these "useless" musings aside, concentrating instead on the work she's doing as an apprentice to folk healer Tante Lulu and keeping up with the old woman's good deeds. Unbeknownst to Grace, Tante Lulu has decided to try her hand at matchmaking again. And Tante Lulu has never failed before!
(If I happen to be fortunate to win a copy, there will be a review of it on this site!)

This Month's CFRB Tour is...
Not Far From the Tree by: Ruth Smith Meyer
This is the sequel to Not Easily Broken,

Back Cover:
Those who lived in the twentieth century saw more rapid changes than any previous century. Born at the beginning of this era, to a family that had already faced dramatic change and challenge, Rina seemed to come into the world with a zest for the revolution the 1900's would bring.
Based on the story of a real person, the narrative alternates between the daily activities of a still spunky 99-year-old Rina and her vivid memories as she relives vignettes of her life. The impetuous and sometimes capricious nature of young Rina almost exasperates the parents of Jake and Ellie.
When she is barely a grown woman, marriage to an imaginative and sometimes impractival dreamer husband, the arrival of babies, the great depression and life in general take over, molding her into a strong woman not unlike her parents, proving the apple indeed does not fall far from the tree. The unbelievable twists in the lives of Ria ad her beloved David will keep readers fascinated with the indomitable strength of the human spirit when there is a solid foundation of love and faith. Although this is a sequel to Not Easily Broken, it can readily stand on its own.

I'm so glad that I requested to review this book!!!! As the back cover says, you don't need to have read the first one, to read this one!!! I personally haven't read Not Easily Broken, but I can tell you, that i'm on the look out for it!!!! After reading about Rina, and what she did with her life, and what she did for others, has taught me a lot!!! This is one, book that I will be re-reading a lot in the coming future!!! I love how it's based on a real person,(we need this sometimes....) and how she goes through hardships, and she does worry, but she also relies on God!
Everything that could happen to a person, happens to Rina and her family, but she shows us how to get through it...
It is a quick read, and only 242 pages, but I wasn't able to put it down!!! I made myself, so I could really pay attention to what I was reading....Because if you know me, I can read fast....I'll get a book from the library or something and in less than a week, it'll be done...no matter how many pages there are!!!! So when I tell you that I made myself take the whole week to read this, you know that is a big thing for me to do!!! But even then, I would get reading, and not realize how much I had read until someone called me to go do something..:)
It's a great book, and I recommend it to everyone!!!!!

Author Bio: Ruth Smith Meyers is an Inspirational/Motivational speaker, a regular contributor for Rejoice Magazine, a daily devotional resource, the editor of Marriage Encounter Newsletter and has had her poetry published in Purpose and Christian Living Magazine.

Check out these other member blogs this week for
more info:


Win an Audio book for 'The Castaways' and we aren't talking about Gilligan's Island! lol. @ Books and Needlepoint

About the book:

Greg and Tess MacAvoy are one of four prominent Nantucket couples who count each other as best friends. As pillars of their close-knit community, the MacAvoys, Kapenashes, Drakes, and Wheelers are important to their friends and neighbors, and especially to each other. But just before the beginning of another idyllic summer, Greg and Tess are killed when their boat capsizes during an anniversary sail. As the warm weather approaches and the island mourns their loss, nothing can prepare the MacAvoy's closest friends for what will be revealed.
Once again, Hilderbrand masterfully weaves an intense tale of love and loyalty set against the backdrop of endless summer island life.

The Books and Needlepoint blog is giving away 5 copies of The Blue Star by Tony Early!!!

About the book:

Seven years ago, readers everywhere fell in love with Jim Glass, the precocious ten-year-old at the heart of Tony Earley's bestseller Jim the Boy. Now a teenager, Jim returns in another tender and wise story of young love on the eve of World War Two.Jim Glass has fallen in love, as only a teenage boy can fall in love, with his classmate Chrissie Steppe. Unfortunately, Chrissie is Bucky Bucklaw's girlfriend, and Bucky has joined the Navy on the eve of war. Jim vows to win Chrissie's heart in his absence, but the war makes high school less than a safe haven, and gives a young man's emotions a grown man's gravity.With the uncanny insight into the well-intentioned heart that made Jim the Boy a favorite novel for thousands of readers, Tony Earley has fashioned another nuanced and unforgettable portrait of America in another time--making it again even realer than our own day.

Giveaway ends on Aug 26th.
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