Elusive Hope: Escape to Paradise book 2!!!! By MaryLu Tyndall.

In a colony named New Hope, while their friends are seeking a Southern utopia. . . .
Hayden is seeking revenge. Relentlessly.
After years of all but selling his soul to track down his scoundrel of a father, Hayden Gale discovers his search must continue in South America, where his father is reported to be helping colonize Brazil. Hayden has nothing more to lose, certainly not a good reputation, and vows to keep pursuing—at any cost—the vile man who he believes killed his mother.
Magnolia is seeking a way out. Desperately.
She’s in the jungles of Brazil against her will, but what choice does Magnolia Scott have? Her father insisted on uprooting their family to escape the uncertainty of Southern life after the Civil War. But how will she survive without all she holds dear—wealthy suitors, beautiful clothes, summer balls, and slaves waiting on her every whim? She vows to find a way to get back home—and attaches herself to handsome Hayden Gale.
As they journey toward Rio de Janeiro, they both seek to use the other for their own purposes. Deceptively. Falling in love was never part of their plans. . . .
Elusive Hope is a continuation of Fallen Dreams. I love this series since they are from the South in the book, about from where I am from :) which always makes it a good read :). Do y'all remember Magnolia Scott? She was that prissy whinny girl from the first book that liked to flirt and decided to try drinking? Yea she's back! lol But she is trying to change, unfortunately her parents don't really approve of this change or condone it. She decides to leave for that fancy pants 'Fiance' She says she has back in the states, but the only person she can find that is going that direction is Hayden Gale. A man she isn't very fond of.

Hayden Gale, all he is wanting to do is find his Father and have his revenge. It's the only reason for being in Brazil in the first place, Not to babysit some rich spoiled little girl. Until he realizes what he can earn from this 'position'. They both start bluffing each other and using each other on their way back to the states. Little did they know what trials would be waiting for them on the Journey. Or how closely knit their lives truly were.

To the FTC and whomever else it may concern, I received this book from the Author. In return, I have promised to review the book but have been given the freedom by MaryLu to give my honest opinions whether they be positive or negative.

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