Okay, so my sis-in-law was here for Vacation, and we stopped at the Library to get some books for me...:) And well she picked this one b/c she had already read it, & she knew that she might not be able to finish the book. But I got to read it, and let me tell u, I can't wait to get the next one in the series..i think i'll even go out and buy these so they are on my many shelves!

Secrets of the Heart By: Al & Joanna Lacy
Its #1 in the Mail Order Brides Series

It Starts out with Kathleen getting ready to go to school, just like a normal day. She does the dishes and goes off to school. There her friend asks her to church, so she goes, but little did she know that when she was at church her life would be changed forever. 1 year later she meets Peter, they fall in love, get married, but her in laws don't like her, so when her husband dies in a tragic Robbery, Kathleen is left w/just her daughter. Her in laws think she is an unfit mother so they take her daughter away from her for lack of money. And because of this she becomes a Mail order Bride. She keeps her reasons a secret from her new husband. Can he accept her when he finds out about who her in laws are, that she has a daughter? Will God soften her heart, from want of revenge?

Its wonderful!! please please find a copy and read it. I loved it!! I can't wait to get the rest of the books.

Titles of The Other Books in the series: #2 A Time to Love #3 The Tender Flame #4 Blessed are the Merciful #5 Ransom of Love #6 Until the Daybreak #7 Sincerely Yours #8 A Measure of Grace # 9 So little Time

Rae Byuel Ps. 45:13-14

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