This was one of the first CR Books I read!! And I loved it!! A Bride Most Begrudging by Deeanne Gist...

The Back cover:

Any Ship arriving from England means good news for the Virginia colony farmers. The "tobacco brides" would be on board- eligible women seeking a better life in America, bartered for with barrels of tobacco from the fields.
Drew O'Connor isn't stirred by news of a ship full of brides. Still broken-hearted from the loss of his beloved, he only wants a maid to tend his house and care for his young sister.
What he ends up with is a wife-a feisty redhead who claims she is Lady Cosnstance Morrow, daughter of an Earl, brought to America against her will. And she wants to go straight back to England as soon as she can. She hasn't the foggiest notion hot to cook, dares to argue with her poor husband, and spends more time working on mathematical equations than housework. What kind of a wife is that? Drew's Christian forbearance is in for some testing.

My Review of the book:
Its great. I just have to say that to start with. It starts off in England, where Constance Lives, and she sneaks off to the docks to wish her Uncle farewell. And there, she getts kidnapped and forced onto the ship headed towards America. Once there, A man buys her as his tobacco bride, but loses her in a game of poker, to Drew O'Connor. Since Drew already has a maid, the laws of the tobacco brides is that he must marry one of them. So he marries Constance on a Name only bases, and he puts his younger sister in her charge.
Constance sends a letter back w/Drew's brother to notify her father of where she is and what she was forced to do. The only thing is, that he couldn't get there for at least a year. So Drew and Constance are stuck in this predicament, Will they get on each others nerves? or will they fall in love?
347 pages, soft cover
I Love this book, I can read it over and over again its that well written. it is 1 of 3 in a Novel pack that Deeanne sells.
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