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#1 in MaryLu's Newest Series!!!

The Red Siren!

Book description:

Lady Faith Westcott has turned her back on God and on man. Having witnessed the hypocrisy in the Church of England, her older sister's abuse at the hand of her husband, and her own mother's untimely death in childbirth, Faith has determined never to marry and to gain enough wealth so she and her two sisters will never have to depend on man or God again. To that end, though a lady by day, she becomes a pirate by night and begins her sordid career off Portsmouth when she attacks and plunders a merchant ship commanded by the young Dajon Waite. Humiliated at being defeated by a pirate and a woman no less, Dajon returns home without cargo and ship, and his father expels him from the family merchant business. After a brief sojourn into debased society, Dajon rejoins the Royal Navy, where he finds comfort in the strict rules and redemption through his service to others. Three years later, he is sent to the frontier outpost of Charles Town, South Carolina to deal with the pirate problem. There, he connects with his mentor and old friend, Admiral Westcott, who has just arrived with his three daughters. Much to Dajon's utter dismay, Admiral Westcott, who is being called away to Spain, asks Dajon to be temporary guardian of his three lovely daughters. One of the ladies seems familiar to him, a striking redhead who immediately sends his heart thumping. Faith recognizes Captain Waite as the buffoon whose ship she plundered off Portsmouth. Yet, he appears no longer the fool, but instead a tall, handsome and commanding naval officer. Despite her immediate attraction to him, she labels him the enemy, but sparks are guaranteed to fly during the next few months when independent, headstrong and rebellious Faith falls in love with God-fearing honorable, rule-following Dajon-especially when Faith continues her pirating off the Carolina coast while her father is away. Will Dajon catch her? And what will this man of honor and duty do when he does?


I won this book, on MaryLu's Blog, awhile back, and once I got it, and started reading, I COULDN"T PUT IT DOWN! It was a great book...Faith, is an interesting Character!! A Lady by day, and a Pirate by night! Talk about a great Character! At the begining of the book, Faith steals, Captain Waite's ship, while he was on his way back to port...Little did she know that their paths would later cross again!

Captain Waite's life has been turned upside down ever since The Lady Pirate stole his father's ship...It was his last chance to redeem himself with his father...and when he had to report it being stollen by a pirate...he was 'thrown' out of the family. So he enlisted in the Navy...and was sent to America to catch the pirates...and on his own mission to catch the lady Pirate that has caused him so much pain!!!!

A Great book, and I can't wait to read the Blue Enchantress, and the The Raven Saint....a series about sisters! It's going to be great!!!!

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