Who Brings for the wind By: Lori Wick

#3 in the Kensigton Chronicles

Back Cover:

Raised by her aging grandfather in the quiet English countryside, Stacy Daniels radiates a sweet loveliness and unguarded innocence that quickly captures the attention of London society.

Stacy's summer visit to her aunt catapults her into a swirl of balls and teas--and an unexpected meeting with Lord Tanner Richardson, the handsome yet cynical Duke of Cambridge.

Stacy cannot know the joy-turned-to-anguish that awaits her as the duke battles his own tormented past. Nor can she foresee the betrayal that will challenge her faith. Yet through the heights and depths of their turbulent love, Stacy comes to know the One who can not only bring forth the wind but also calm the angry storms of her husband's heart.


Anastasia Daniels, more commonly known as Stacy to friends and family, is the kind of person who hates to see anyone unhappy, so she tries her hardest to please everyone. So when her aunt requests her presence in London for the Summer, and she see's that her Grandfather believes she should go, she goes to please him. Being a taller woman, she didn't have many offers of matrimony in Middlesbrough, England, So she had hopes of meeting her Tall, Dark Handsome 'Knight' in London.

Tanner Richardson, He was married once before, but his wife died, and left him with some bitter news as a result of it. So now he doesn't trust women, but he can't help but be drawn to this tall beautiful woman with Honey-blond hair. But can he convince her aunt to let him see her? Because her aunt knows what kind of man he is, and never takes into consideration that Stacy might love Tanner, all she can think of is what the man once was...Will she let Stacy chose her own path? Or will she keep the two separated forever?

I have to say that this Book has a lot of up and downs, but it keeps you turning the pages wondering what will happen next...But Watch how God changes the lives of both Tanner and Stacy, and eventually her Aunt throughout the book! It truly is a wonderful story of Redeeming Love!

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