Hearts Awakening by Delia Parr

Back Cover:

Two People in Desperate Circumstances.

One Unlikely Proposal.

Life has left few choices for Elvira Kilmer. Her hopes for marriage and a family of her own have long since passed her by, and her arrival on Dillon's Island, nestled in the Susquehanna River, is not of her choosing, either. She needs work. And Jackson Smith needs a housekeeper.

Yet Ellie Never Imagined the Widower Would be so Young...So Handsome.

Jackson, on the other hand, has never met anyone quite so...plain. But he quickly comes to realize that Ellie's presence may solve his own problems-both the rearing of his young boys and the scandal that surrounds his first marriage.

When Jackson offers he something quite out of the ordinary, will Ellie look Beyond mere necessity and risk opening her heart?

This is one of the stories, that you just know your going to like. It's a Marriage in Name only, and is only so that Ellie may stay at the house, without anyone ruining her reputation.

But when their 'Married Bliss' hits some rocky spots, will they be able to endure it, or just throw in the towel.

Jackson can't get the thought out of his head that Ellie might be just like his first wife Rebecca, and he can't get past the hurt she caused...So when Ellie may do anything like Rebecca did, he blows his top...And each time, he's wrong, and each time he breaks a part of Ellie's heart.

Ellie is 31, and never married, because she chose to stay and take care of her parents when they were ill...and she's heard it from several people, including her new husband, that the only reason her married her was because she was plain. And he thought no other man would want her. Only thing is, she can't help losing her heart to him...But could he ever come to love her the same way?

A Great book on how holding onto things, will sometimes make it appear better or bigger than it actually was. And that what you felt then...might not be what you feel now if you take the time to consider the matter.

To the FTC and whomever else it may concern, I received this book Bethany House Publishers. In return, I have promised to review the book but have been given the freedom by Bethany House to give my honest opinions whether they be positive or negative.
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  1. Awesome review, this one is definitely on my to read list!

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