Love's First Bloom by Delia Parr
Given to me by Bethany House Publisher to review

Back Cover:
Life Changes drastically for Ruth Livingstone the day her father puts a young child in her arms and sends her under an assumed name to a small village in New Jersey. There she dutifully awaits his acquittal, certain that her father, Reverend Livingstone, soon will be cleared of the outrageous accusations against him.
When tragic events transpire, Ruth finds solace tending a garden along the banks of the Toms River-a place where she can find a measure of peace amid her growing heartache. It is also here that she meets Jake Spencer, a man who both frustrates and intrigues her. Fearful of the newspapermen intent on tracking her down and unsure of whom to trust, Ruth knows she must carefully maintain her identity as Widow Malloy. But as love begins to slowly bloom, can the tenuous affection growing between Ruth and Jake withstand the secrets that separate them?

This is a great book, A little slow at first, mainly because you don't have a lot of information. You're just thrown into this whirlwind of accusations, and false identities. Reverend Livingstone is accused of murdering a young woman of ill repute. So to keep his daughter out of the reporter's eyes, and the whispering of neighbors, he sends her along with the woman's daughter to New Jersey, under the cover of Widow Ruth Malloy with her daughter. Promising to send for them once he is released from the charges.
But little did either of them know, how determined the Newspaper Companies can be. To get their circulation up, the say he probably killed his daughter too...Causing Ruth to want to speak out...only thing is, she's not Ruth Livingstone anymore, and the reporters looking for her, would find her.
One Day while working on her garden, a wounded man came hobbling out of the woods, up to the cabin. At first glance, he looked like an old man, warped from years of hard work. But when Ruth meets him, she finds out, he can't be much older than her! Jake Spencer, states that he has broken his back, and has come here to finish his convalescing.
I would tell you more about Jake Spencer, but I believe in leaving secrets for the readers ;)
But I can tell you, they both have secrets, and a new found love...but are they willing to risk everything for that love?

I rate this book as 5/5 even with the slower beginning!

To the FTC and whomever else it may concern, I received this book from Bethany House Publisher. In return, I have promised to review the book but have been given the freedom by Bethany House, to give my honest opinions whether they be positive or negative.
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  1. Lee Smith Says:

    Nice review. I'll have to add this one to my "dream list."

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