Chesapeake by Loree Lough
459 page Novella

Back Cover:

Can Broken Hearts be restored?

The Chesapeake region of the mid-nineteenth century holds days tested by sorrow and renewed by hope. Meet four couples about to be face with their greatest challenges- can they also find their greatest joys?
Not husband material: Hoping to escape his past, Kent finds it creating suspicion-and choking his hopes of winning sweet Abby's heart. Could forgiveness blossom into love?
Carrying too much baggage: Overworked Emma worries about tomorrow, while Nate nurses the guilt of his past. Can they lay aside their own problems to create a family with seven war orphans?
Angry at God: Valerie lost her will to love when her family died in the War Between the States, but Paul and his children won't give up on her. Can she find freedom from her bitterness?
Just a convenient marriage: Caleb needs help to maintain his family farm, while Priscilla struggles to provide for her grandparents. Can they find a bond more lasting than words?
Author Loree Lough has woven four faith-filled tales of romance that are sure to bring heartwarming satisfaction.


A great Novella!!! I love the ones that are set in Past days, reading of the different hardships they had to go through, even though they may not be that far from what we have to deal with now. In Chesapeake, four couples Are going through hardships, whether it's losing a loved one, dealing with past wrongs, things done to them, or money problems, but along with the hardships maybe they will find Love?
When Kent is falsely convicted for a crime he did not commit, and ends up spending time in prison because of it, he feels that he can never trust a woman again. But when he stumbles across Abby's Family Plantation, and hires on as Foreman, Will things change? Will he let Abby into his heart and life?
Emma's a orphan, and all her life been raised by an aunt, so it just seemed natural to take in orphans as well...but the count is up to 7 now can she keep going with money so tight? Nate was in the war, and because of something that happened, he won't let himself get close to Emma, but when her 7 children go missing, will he put the past behind himself where it belongs to help her out?
Valerie lost everything in the war...her home, her family, everything. But when she shows up to be the new teacher in town and literally falls for this man Paul and his children, will everything right itself? Or will she get into more trouble with the towns, KKK? Will Paul be able to reach her before something serious happens to her? Or will he be to late to tell her how he really feels?
Caleb had lost his wife, and now his crops haven't been good for the past 3 years. But when word gets out that Priscilla's grandmother puts a condition in her will, will they be able to join forces and fix everything? And will they eventually Find love?
Loree Lough, did a great job writing these stories!! You feel like you right there with them, and going through their problems right along side them!!!
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