This Week we would like to Welcome MaryLu Tyndall to Caffeine & Romance!
Thanks for coming and visiting...Thank you so much, Rae, for having me. It’s a pleasure to be here.

1)What got you started on Writing Novels?

I’ve always loved to write. As a young girl I would spend hours in my room writing out the stories that were in my head. I even got a poem published in my High School year book. I continued to write after college and after I got married, but I never thought I could ever get published. To me, it was more of a hobby. Not until I really felt God leading me to write a story about a Christian pirate, did I begin to take my writing seriously. I answered that call and wrote that story but still didn’t think I could publish it. But God had other plans and less than 6 months after I finished it, I got my first publishing contract!2)What's your favorite Time Period to write in? Why?

I really enjoy learning and writing about the colonial period in the Americas, the 17th – 18th centuries when the United States were still British colonies and explorers were still settling the Caribbean and South America.

3)What are you working on right now?

Can you tell us about it? I’m just finishing up the third book in my Charles Towne Belles series, The Raven Saint. It’s the story of a young girl from South Carolina who gets kidnapped by a French mercenary who intends to sell her to a Spanish Don in Columbia as a slave.

4)Can you give us the First page of your recent release?

Sure... CLICK HERE TO READ IT!!!!! This is from The Blue Enchantress, book 2 of the Charles Towne Belles series, to be released in August.

5)What's your inspiration?

All the inspiration for my writing blossoms out of my relationship with Jesus. He is the reason I write and the only reason I’m alive today.

6) If you were stranded on an deserted Island, and you could only bring 2-3 things, what would that be?

My Bible, my family, chocolate.

7)What's your favorite Caffeine Drink?


8)Do you have any advice for an ameture author?

The best thing you can do if you want to become a good writer is study the craft of writing. It’s one thing to have a good story in your head, and quite another to know how to put it down in a way that people will enjoy it. There are great classes on line and a ton of wonderful books on the subject. I also recommend you join an online writing group where you can get your questions answered, and also join a critique group where you can swap your writing with other writers and get constructive feedback.

9) Any Closing Remarks?

God puts a dream inside all our hearts, a dream meant for just us, a good dream, a worthwhile dream. But the only way for that dream to truly blossom is to completely submit yourself to God and trust Him with everything. Thank you for Joining us here today MaryLu, I had a great time!Me too!
Thanks for having me, Rae!
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  1. Great interview Rae. And so encouraging.

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