Cape Refuge by Terri Blackstock
# 1 in her Cape Refuge series

Back Cover:

Two Bodies, One Spear Gun, And a Murder Suspect.

But did Morgan Cleary's Husband really kill her parents?

A Brutal Double murder has struck fear into the hearts of the peaceful Cape Refuge community. The crime weapon belongs to the victims' son-in-law but Police Chief Cade remains unconvinced that his best friend took the lives of Thelma and Wayne Owans. The Owan's ministry, a halfway house, shelters individuals far more questionable that Johnathan Cleary. Now people are concerned it might house a murder who could strike again.

Shattered by her parent's death Morgan Cleary struggles to keep Hanover House running while her husband sits in jail. Her sister Blair, is not help, embittered by the scars of her past, she wants no part of her dead parent's ministry or their Christian faith. She wants to sell the house - Until her determined search for the murder uncovers some startling findings. A lethal race against time ensues Morgan, Blair, and Cade with far more than Hanover House at stake.


I love Terri's writings!! She is good at getting out the mystery and the murders without a ton of detail....like secular writers do....When the parents die, Terri gives your the right amount of detail, and doesn't over do it. I love recommending her books to my friends and family. Actually right now I have this one loaned out to a friend.

Morgan and Johnathan are newlyweds, when Morgan's Parents are murdered with Johnathan's Spear Gun....Evidence points to him, in a couple of directions. But Morgan, Blair, and Cade (of course Johnathan too) Knows he's innocent. But they have to prove it!

Morgan's having a hard time, trying to grieve, run Hanover House, and worry about Johnathan...She's not getting much rest...but she's relying on God to help her through.

Blair, Was scarred as a child, and has been bitter ever since....But she doesn't know that whole story to where she got those scars...Will she drop her bitterness long enough to find the truth about the scars, and about the one Truth that will set her free?

Cade's in a tight spot, he had to arrest his best friend, because of the Spear gun, but he knows he isn't guilty....But in order to get him out, he's got to catch the right person before he strikes again...

Come Back Later this Week, and Check out other writings by Terri!

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