Restoration Series
>Last Light

>Night Light.

>True Light

>Dawn's Light

Newpointe 911 Series

>Private Justice

>Shadow of Doubt

>Word of Honor

>Trial by Fire
>Line of Duty

The Seasons Series

>Seasons under Heaven

>Showers in Season

>Times and Seasons

>Season of Blessings

Second Chances Series

>Never Again Good-Bye

>When Dreams Cross

>Blind Trust

>Broken Wings

The Sun Coast Chronicles

>Evidence of Mercy

>Justifiable Means

>Ulterior Motives

>Presumption of Guilt

Youth Books:

>The Gifted Sophmores

>The Heart Reader of Franklin High

Stand Alones:

>Double Minds >Miracles
>Emerald Windows >Seaside

>Covenant Child >The Listener

>The Gifted

Compilation Projects:

>Sweet Delights >So Shine

>The Blue Convertable


>Soul Resturation

Coming Soon!!!

>Intervention (Coming September 22, 2009)
(There's A Book Trailer Video on her site for this book!

Check Out her Website!!! And Thanks for coming by for the Author of the Week's Final Posting!
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