Yes it is, It's My Birthday, and I"m giving away some Books, (books that were supposed to be in a giveaway for the blog's 2 year anniversary, ooops) .

The Books in the giveaway are(the winner gets to pick 2):
~That Certain Spark by Cathy Marie Hake
~San Diego by Cathy Marie Hake & Joyce Livingston
~ One Smooth Stone byMarcia Lee Laycock
~Courting Trouble by Deeanne Gist

How to Enter:
~Be a Follower!!!
~Leave a valid e-mail address in your comment below.
~ Must be an US citizen!
~State which books you're interested in!

~ be a follower of my makeup blog(link @ bottom of post) +2
~ Tell us your Favorite Author, and Why +1
~ If you had to pick 1 FICTIONal read, to have with you on a desert Island...What would it be @ why? +2

ENDS: Sept 24th....All entries must be in before 12 am that night!

Also My Makeup blog, is also having a birthday bash giveaway, so stop on by and check it out! & You mention in ur comment that u came from this blog, you'll automatically get an extra entry!
8 Responses
  1. Diane Says:

    Great giveaway! I would be interested in That Certain Spark or Courting Trouble.

    Happy Birthday!!!

    estrella8888 at roadrunner dot com

  2. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    Thanks!! I had a great birthday!!

    And your in luck...if you win, you'll receive BOTH!

    good luck!
    And don't forget to tell your friends about the giveaway!

  3. Anonymous Says:

    What a great giveaway! Thanks!

    New GFC follower

    giveawaymommy at yahoo.com

  4. floating Says:

    happy birthday
    I am now a follower
    I would be interested in San Diego by Cathy Marie Hake & Joyce Livingston or
    One Smooth Stone byMarcia Lee Laycock

  5. Charity Says:

    I would love to win Courting Trouble and That Certain Spark. Cathy Hake is quite a writer and I love her books. Please enter me. I am also a GFC follower:)


  6. Charity Says:

    Also a follower of your make-up blog. +2


  7. Charity Says:

    It would be very hard to pick my favorite author:) There are soo many I like to read. But one of my favorites would have to be Karen Kingsbury. She is a great write who can make you laugh and cry at the same time. Very wonderful stories and very real. +1

  8. Charity Says:

    And if I was stuck on a desert island, I would probably take Swiss Family Robinson:P They were stuck on an island so I might get some help from it. LOL!! Actually, it would be very hard to pick just one again, but mine would probably be The Price of Trust by Amanda Stephan. One I just read and loved. You might want to check it out:) +2

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