God's Gift by Dee Henderson

232 wonderful pages of Friendship and Romance

Back Cover:

Missionary work in Africa was the most difficult and faith-affirming work James Graham had ever faced, and warm homey presents from a Good Samaritan back home gave him the hope he needed to carry on. But an injury brought his work to a sudden halt and sent him home to Chicago.

There, James met the woman who'd sent those thoughtful gifts, the charming Rachel Ashcroft, and he was intrigued by the shadow of sadness that haunted her expression. Bringing the light of happiness back to Rachel's Lovely face gave new purpose to his life, but was this only a temporary respit? Or would James be able to release his past and open his heart to receive the gift of Rachel's love?


I went to the library looking for some new books to read, I had my list of authors in my hand and was searching through the isles. And I came across Dee Henderson, Now I had already read all the books there by her. And then I spotted God's Gift, And I was ecstatic, I couldn't believe that there was another book from one of my favorite authors. Anyway, back to the book!

All I can say is, IT'S GREAT!!!!!! I recommend reading this one! It's like a 9 on my book scale! It's not a mystery like we all are used to, but it's wonderfully written and the character's are amazing! Since It's such a great book, I won't be telling you about it, I don't want to spoil it! But I will tell you this.

James- He's been in Africa for 6 years. Without, a nice bed, and never in the same place for long, there he's building Clinics. But when he is injured he's sent back to the states till he is better. Will it been long enough to fall in love?

Rachel- She has experienced loss, her would have been fiance was in a car accident one night and never came home, Now she runs his business, but has no time for friends or fun. But that soon changes. Can she let James in knowing her may not be staying for long?
I Highly recommend this book!

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  1. Julianna Says:

    Great review! Sounds good. Adding it to my list.

  2. I've heard so much about Dee Henderson, but I haven't read any of her work--yet!

  3. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    She is a great author! she's one of my favorites! Thanks for visiting, C&R!

    Rae Byuel

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