Seabird (The First of The Narentan Tumults) By: Sherry Thompson

Seabird Synopsis:
When high school senior Cara Marshall is transported to Narenta, she is proclaimed champion of its people against the daemagos-a cadre of sorcerers. Amid the grateful welcomes, Cara protests that neither the title nor the mission are hers.

"They've got the wrong person and they're going to get me killed because they won't admit it."

Is Cara's world-napping a mistake? The daemagos don't care as long as she's dead. Cara's brief attempt at finding a way home mutates into a nightmarish blur of hiding and flight from remorseless enemies.

Pursued by ruthless werewright warriors, vicious serpent-hawks, and the sorcerers, she is simultaneously overwhelmed by the trust the Narentan people show in her alleged power as the Outworlder and their champion. In whom dare she place her own trust when assassins lurk in the shadows amidst those who welcome her?

As she races across an eerie and perilous ancient world in search of the daemagos' secret power, Cara must also find the strength to face tragedy, grief and doubt. With little time left to aid the Tethran kingdom and her remaining companions, Cara grapples to perceive the essence of a hero's heart and make it her own.

Grounded firmly in the tradition of C.S. Lewis, this character-driven first installment of The Narentan Tumults is an epic tale of adventure, courage and faith.
This month for CFRB we are doing Sherry Thompson's Seabird. It's Like The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis, and if your a fan of Narnia, you'll love this book!
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