Revealed By: Tamera Alexander
330 pages
# 2 in the Fountain Creek Chronicles

Back Cover:

Words, once spoken, can mend a broken life...or cripple it.
But words left unspoken can haunt the soul, Inflicting a far deeper wound.

Annabelle Grayson has been given a second chance at life, but she can't claim it with the cloud of her past hanging over her in Willow Springs. After her husband dies, she advertises for a trail guide to accompany her land waiting for her in Idaho- and a most unlikely candidate applies for the Job.

Matthew Taylor is a man on the run, with consequences of past mistakes pursuing him at every turn. Meeting Annabelle Grayson the first time was unpleasant enough, but when she crosses his path again, her presence in his life-and what she reveals-is devastating. If given a single wish, Matthew would turn back time and right a grievous wrong. If given a second wish, he would make Annabelle Grayson Pay.


Annabelle is expecting a child, and has recently been widowed. Trying to get to her departed husband's land in Idaho, she requires help. She didn't know that Matthew would be the one to answer the advertisement, But he's the only one she can truly trust with her safety, and the baby's. Matthew hates Annabelle, for what she was and what she did to his brother, but being on this trip with maybe just what he needs to realize that she didn't do anything to his brother, despite what he may think. And her past wasn't of her choosing, but was chosen for her.

A Great addition to The Fountain Creek Chronicles! If you loved the first one, Rekindled, you will love this one as well...Don't forget the 3rd one that's out, Remembered.

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  1. Sounds interesting. Great intrigue.

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