Hey y'all, I joined this meme today! 100+ books for the year 2009....Now I get to count the ones I've read in Jan. even though I didn't join till today! This should be fun...n class="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_0">yall better keep me on my toes!IV> >
  • Petticoat Ranch (2-5-09)-Mary
  • lass="blsp-spelling-error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_1">Connealyspan>IV>
  • Calico Canyon-Mary error" id="SPELLING_ERROR_2">Connealy
  • e Red Siren (Jan)-M.L. Tyndall
  • 14.Wings of the Morning (Jan)-Lori Wick
  • n=left>Who Brings forth the Wind (Jan)-Lori Wick
  • V align=left>The Knight and the Dove (2-2-09) -Lori Wick

  • Torchlight (Jan)-Lisa ELLING_ERROR_7">Tawn Bergren
  • Treasure (Jan)-Lisa Tawn R_10">Bergren
  • Chosen (Jan)-Lisa
  • Tawnn> Bergren

  • >Julia's Last Hope-Janette Oke-(2-9-09)
  • A Gown of Spanish Lace-Janette Oke (2-9-09)DIV>
  • Necessary Measures-Hannah Alexander(2-7-09)
  • .Urgent Care-Hannah Alexander(2-8-09)DIV>
  • (3-1-09)
  • IV align=left>Sleeping Murder-Agatha ING_ERROR_22">Christy(Feb)
  • The Murder at The Vicarage-Agatha _ERROR_23">Christy(Feb)
  • Blind Dates-4 Different Authors (3-2-09)
  • The Miracle Worker (March)
  • City Girl- Lori Wick (April)
  • align=left>Ocean's Apart- Karen
  • Kingsbur
  • ypan> (April)

  • eft>A Stitch in Time (March)
  • Highland Legacy (March)
  • Waterfalls-Robin Jones Gunn-(March)
  • Kansas Home- Tracey V. Bateman(April)
  • Save my Children-Emily Wierenga (March)
  • A Texas Sky -Lori Wick (March
  • The Ark, the Reed, & the Fire Cloud-Jenny L. Cote (April)
  • Angel of Wrath-Bill Myers (May)
  • Words Unspoken-Elizabeth Musser(June)
  • Double Minds-Terri Blac
  • kstockan>(june)

  • )
  • The Princess -Lori Wick (July)
  • A Bride in the Bargain-Deeanne Gist (July)
  • Danger in the Shadows-Dee Henderson-(Aug)
  • The Negotiator-Dee Henderson-(Aug)
  • The Guardian-Dee Henderson-(Aug)
  • The Truth Seeker-Dee Henderson-(Aug)
  • The Protector-Dee Henderson-(Aug)
  • The Healer-Dee Henderson-(Aug)
  • The Rescuer-Dee Henderson-(Aug)
  • Rivers Edge- Terri Blackstock-(Aug)
  • Breaker's Reef- Terri Blackstock-(Aug)
  • Nothing But Trouble-Susan May Warren-(July)
  • Not Far From the Tree-Ruth Smith Meyer-(July)
  • Mohamed's Moon-Keith Clemons-(Aug)
  • Sugar and Grits-(July)
  • Bride Most Begrudging-Deeanne Gist-(July)
  • The Measure of a Lady-Deeanne Gist-(July)
  • Yada Yada Pray Group Get's decked out-(Sept)
  • Dreaming in Black and White-Laura jensen walker- (Sept)
  • What a Girl Wants- Kristin Billerbeck-(Sept)
  • If Only You Knew-Mags Storey- (Sept.)
  • A Universal Beauty-Sept
  • Talking to the Dead-(Oct)
  • Redeeming love-F.Rivers-(Sept)
  • The Queen of Sleepy Eye-(Oct)
  • One Tuesday Morning-(Sept 11)
  • Beyond Tuesday Morning-(Sept 11)
  • Cowboy Christmas-Mary Connealy-(Oct)
  • Courting the Doctor's Daughter-(Oct)
  • The Witness-Dee Henderson
  • A Place Called Home-Lori Wick (Nov)
  • A Song for Silas-Lori Wick (Nov)
  • The Gathering of Memories-Lori Wick (Nov)
  • Fools Rush In- Janice Thompson-(Nov)
  • Kansas Weddings-Kim Vogel Sawyer(Nov)
  • Forever Christmas-Christine Lynxwiller-(11/12/09)
  • For Young Women Only
  • The Bartered Bride
  • The Blue Enchantress

    1. More to come later :) (and the dates in the Parenthesis is the date when finished. :) I Made it!!! Yeah! I'm so excited that I made it to 100!!!

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      1. I absolutely love Lisa Tawn Bergren! I remember reading all of those books long ago, as well as all the Love Comes Softly books by Janette Oke. :o)

      2. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

        She is Swiftly Becoming (one of) My Favorite Authors! And We were watching the movies, so I figure...I should read the books! It's Been AGES since I read them!

      3. Anonymous Says:

        Wanted to stop in and welcome you to the 100+ Reading Challenge. The links to post your reviews are up in the right sidebar at J. Kaye’s Book Blog. (Optional)

        Have fun! :)

      4. Julianna Says:

        Sounds good. I don't think you will have a problem getting there. =)

      5. Anonymous Says:

        I'm a part of this challenge too :)

      6. Laura Davis Says:

        And I thought I was a heavy reader!

      7. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

        lol! I've always read a lot, Just ask Julianna! She'll tell you! lol. I hope to make the challenge!

      8. Anonymous Says:

        sorry didn't realize it would leave the name as my blog address, the comment left by "reviews by sarah katie" was left by me :)

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