The Healing Touch Book 1 By: Hannah Alexander

Back Cover:

Lauren McCaffery, an experienced ER nurse, arrives in Dogwood Springs, Missouri, hoping for a fresh start in her career-and a convenient escape from her family's humiliating pressure to find a husband.

Dr. Grant Sheldon transfers to the local hospital, looking for a nurturing environment for his twins, who are still reeling from the death of their mother. But this idyllic setting is not free of all the problems he thought he had left behind in the city.

When the community's tranquility is threatened by a drug ring and a mysterious epidemic, Grant and Lauren find themselves racing the clock in a desperate search for answers.

Second Opinion combines the best of emergency medicine and small-town America in a story of love's discovery and a faith that lasts.


Lauren McCaffery, is one of the best nurses in ER, but can she help heal even a broken heart? And will she want to?

She came to Dogwood Springs to escape her parents demand that she finds a husband. You the saying, "Your not getting any younger"?

Dr. Grant has just moved from a tragic memory ,of losing his wife, with is twin daughter and son. Can they all make a go of this peaceful town, or will they be packing their things up and head back to St. Louis.

While under an epidemic, Grant and Lauren are thrown together to help save the people of Dogwood Springs. While thrown together will they realize the special thing they have going or will they ignore it? And what happens to Grant's heart, When he realizes that Lauren is missing? While he racing the Clock and Speed Limit to find her, will he realize what he has?

Great Series! I Found this one by looking through my friends bookshelf one day. Once I read it, I fell in love! I always have loved a good Romance with some action/mystery, and this has them both! Buy this Book

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  1. Julianna Says:

    Sounds good. Will add it to my rapidly growing list of book I want to read. =)

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