The Healing Touch Book 3 By: Hannah Alexander

Back Cover:

After years in pastoral ministry, Archer Pierce has begun to question his calling. Then, in the midst of a violent storm, he disappears, and the citizens of Dogwood Springs begin a frantic race against time and the elements to find him.

Lauren McCaffery is falling deeply in love with the widowed Dr.Grant Sheldon. But when he pops the question, she panics. Is she prepared to take on a ready-made family? And she wonders if she can ever live up to the image of "perfect wife and mother" that Grant's late wife seemed to portray.

Dr. Mitchell Caine's personal struggles are affecting his practice and work in the ER, and now he is experiencing glimmers of a memory that is too horrifying to believe-if it's true. To make matters worse, his troubled daughter has returned home after years of estrangement. Can Mitchell hope to help her when he has his own dark secrets?


Another Great in the Healing Touch Series! I can't believe it is the last one! I wish there were more, but there aren't so I'll let my imagination come up with more stories of them! :)

(On with the Review) Ready for some more 'Adventure' with Grant and Lauren? Because an adventure is what your gonna get. Grant is ready for the next step(again), but Lauren isn't so sure(again). Then this thing happens to Archer, a very close friend of Lauren's and Her misgivings about Grant are put on hold to help look for the missing Archer Pierce while trying to comfort his Wife.

Brooke and Beau don't understand why Lauren is taking so long to say 'Yes' but do they really understand what she is going through? Trying to live up to Annette's memories? And do they really want to have to get used to a new person living in the house, with new habits and things? But as Beau says, "If Lauren can Handle Brooke, what more can we want? Not to mention her family loves Brooke too!" (I'm paraphrasing!)

Dr. Mitchell Has been going through some hard times in the past few years, his wife wants a divorce, and he hasn't heard anything from his daughter who ran away with a drug dealer in the past. But when he starts taking something to help him sleep, Could he have done something Horrible? (You'll have to read to find out! hehe)

Again A great 3rd! Keeps you turning the pages! Buy this Book!
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