Ocean's Apart by Karen Kingsbury
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Connor Evans is a man who loves his wife and their two daughters. They have their troubles -- what marriage doesn’t -- but they’ve always managed to get through them. Now a phone call is about to shatter his world…Eight years ago, Connor was unfaithful, and unbeknownst to him, that one night produced a son. The mother has died suddenly, and her will gives Connor the opportunity to know the boy before he makes any decisions.Now the family is on the brink of destruction. Can Connor’s wife Michele and their daughters ever forgive Connor? Or will the presence of one lonely child destroy everything?


Like all the other Karen Kingsbury books, I've ever read, this is well written. It will keep you turning the pages until there are no more to turn. The Books starts out with this Mom and her son. The Mom is A Flight Attendant, and her plane goes down, leaving her son all alone. But in her will, it was one of her last wishes that Max spend 2 weeks with the Father he's never known, but not under the knowledge that it was his father, just a friend of his mother's.

But when Connor get's the phone call from the attorney, Will he be able to Save his marriage, and 'save' his son?

When Michele learns of her husband's unfaithfulness, years down the road, she doesn't know what to do with the information. But one thing she does know, She can't live with a constant reminder of Connor's sin...But will she trust God, and do what she knows is right? 'Or will the presence of one lonely child destroy everything?'
It was a good book, Unlike some of her other books, it doesn't go through Boy girl meet. Fall in Love. Get Married, routine. But it goes through the real life situations of grief, hurt, anger, and healing. Buy it now At Amazon.com for $7.99 The Cover at the top of the page is different than the one on Amazon.com, but if you use the link above, it's the same book.
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