I'm srry, This post isn't going to be as nice as some of the ones in the past...My computer isn't up, and i'm having to use my Parent's Computer so it doesn't have any of my photos and things on it....again sorry.

On My Night Stand (or floor next to my bed:)
1.The ark, The Reed, and the Fire cloud

And what ever else I find at the library later this month :)
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  1. Laura Davis Says:

    What's on my nightstand?

    1. Sitting at the Feet of Rabbi Jesus
    2. Searching for Eternity (Elizabeth Musser who will be stopping by my blog next month at http://interviewsandreviews.blogspot.com
    3. One Smooth Stone
    4. Your Best You
    5. Before I Knew you Loved Me
    6. Shavings from a Carpenter's Pencil

    Laura Davis

  2. cathikin Says:

    I am so sorry about the problem with your computer. It's hard to live without, especially when you are trying to keep a blog going! I do hope it's fixed soon.

    On my nightstand:
    1. NASB version of the Bible
    2. A Ready-made Family by Cheryl Wyatt
    3. Nightmare's Edge by Bryan Davis
    4. Forever Richard by Sue Dent
    5. Transforming Realities by Rick Copple
    6. Angel of Wrath by Bill Myers

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