The Wedding Caper By: Janice A. Thompson

A Cozy Mystery

Back Cover:

Small-Town "Mother of the Bride" Turns Crime Solver

When a $25,000 night deposit mysteriously disappears from the Clark County Savings and Loan, Annie Peterson has reason to be concerned-and to assume the role of amateur sleuth. Her Husband's job at the bank makes him a potential suspect, but knowing him to be a godly man, she can't imagine him guilty of a misdemeanor, much less a felony. Then again, there is that matter of the weddings to factor in...

Twin daughters Brandi and Candy have just received proposals, and two weddings are pending. Sure, Warren occasionally jokes about robbing the bank to pay for the ceremonies, but Annie knows him better than that, doesn't she?

Just about the time Annie thinks she can wriggle Warren off the Suspect hook, he shows up with enough cash to cover the cost of both weddings.

Annie dives into the investigation, and the suspects pile up. One by one they fall, leaving her with only one logical choice. Who will it be: a somber-faced loan officer, a security guard with a shady past, a drifter with local ties-or the man she loves.

This is a Funny, Mystery/Romance, book....I promise you'll be laughing, and trying to figure out 'who dun it'!
Annie is more of a middle aged woman, who's twin daughters, both announce they are getting married, within months of each other...And Annie doesn't know how they are going to pay for it...until one night, her Husband comes home from work, and plops an envelope with $25,ooo in it on her lap, and says it's for the weddings.
The next day, the bank reports that $25,000 has been stolen...and Annie doesn't know what to think about the envelope she has full of money...Did her husband take it? Or is it a coincidence?
Feeling guilty for thinking her husband could have done it, she decides that she needs to figure this out! so she goes online, and buys an e-mail a day, investigation class...Teaching her how to solve this mystery...But there are some bumps along the way!
Case Solved!

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    Sounds funny! Thanks for the review. :O)

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