I Do by: Veda Boyd Jones, Sally Laity, Yvonne Lehman, & Loree Lough
348 Page Novella

Back Cover:

Do you love me? i Do

Love can grow quietly over time or strike like lightning. In either case, the end result is bliss. Share the joy of lasting love in these four novellas by some of inspirational romance's favorite authors.

Do you want to marry me? i Do

Love found in a church, a library, a retirement home, an office building...From the first uncertain moments to the final, absolute certainty of love, you'll watch these beautiful stories unfold-including all of the merriment and mayhem on the way to the alter.

Do you promise me forever? i Do

Love to last a lifetime and beyond. From the hearts and pens of romantic storytellers Veda Boyd Jones, Sally Laity, Yvonne Lehman, and Loree Lough come stories of faith and love- stories to make you recall, or anticipate, your own eager weddig words, i Do.


These four great authors, put together a great collections of Love and Mayhem for all generations, and they show that you don't have to be young to fall in love...It can happen even if your 70 or 80 years old! The Characters are great, and I loved reading about them!! I know you will love them too! So join, David Emerson & Brooke Cale and Troy Emerson and Sydney Cale on their journey to the alter in, Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace by Veda Boyd Jones. And in Once upon a dream, follow the love story of Grace Farell and Mitchell Haywood, as Sally Laity colorfully paints a waterfall of romance.

For Something Old, Something New, Yvonne Lehman shows you, that just because you are old doesn't mean you can't love, so join Daniel Gallo and Kay English as they are set up by the older couple, Peppino and Ella who in the process of setting the youngin's up, fall into their own whirlwind romance!

In Wrong Church, Wrong Wedding, By Loree Lough, see how God can take a dreadful day and turn it into one of the most wonderful things to ever happen. When Breena Pavan shows up to the wrong church, and sits on Keegan Neil's hat, will her life ever be the same?

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