The Hawk and the Jewel By Lori Wick
347 pages
#1 in the Kensington Chronicles

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Back Cover:

For years Lord Gallagher's family has thought that Sunny perished with Lady Gallagher in storm-tossed seas off the Arabian coast. Unknown to them, the beautiful violet-eye toddler had been found and taken to the palace of Darhabar, where she was raised as the ruler's own child. Now the emir, Ahmad Khan, has contacted the family and asked them to send a ship for her. Why after all this time? And what of the mysterious gift he has sent with her?
Brandon Hawkesbury, friend to the Gallaghers and appealing young captain of the vessel, gazes at Sunny as she comes aboard. It will not be easy for the restless girl to accept a new life...a new family...a new faith.
Brandon puts aside these thoughts as he turns his ship toward sea. For now, Sunny is going home. What lies ahead is in God's hands.


Join the expedition that Brought Brandon and Sunny together. Sunny's a girl who has been living the life of a princess, and doesn't realize the family she has back in Europe.
This truly is a great book...I loved reading it, and the rest of this series (which will be reviewed over the next couple of weeks.)

Brandon, has been sent on a journey to pick up Sunny, but little did he know, that as he picked up Sunny...he would lose his heart! At first he just looks on her as another sister to care for and protect. He realizes that Europe is very different from what she's used to, not to mention she just found out, that she's a different age than what she was told...AND that the family she knew and loved has sent her away.

It's not one that I can say much about because then you really wouldn't need to read the book...But this is one series that I think everyone should read!

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  1. Katy Says:

    Wow! This sounds fantastic! I'm putting it on my wishlist. :)

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