Hey Y'all!!! I found a new Author!!!! I was on my way home from Florida, and saw this book store where all books were under $3....So I stopped, after a 3 hr detor!!!!(Talk about long and hot :)

Dreaming in Black & White By: Laura Jensen Walker, and I can't wait to read more from her!!!

Back Cover:

She's smart.
She's savvy.
She's...well, she's working on the thighs.
And with God as her witness, She'll never let that man spoil her happy

Phoebe Grant is everyone's favorite movie geek-unbeatable at trivia, convinced that all the world's a movie screen. She can organize a four-hankie chick-flickathon with a wave of her tall, nonfat, double mocha. And she's a shoo-in for the job of her dreams-movie reviewer for the newspaper where she works.

Enter Alex Spence-not only gorgeous but also a film buff, perfectly cast for a celluloid kiss and a fade to sunset. Unfortunately, Ales is the villain who sends Phoebe packing to the last place on earth she wants to be-back home to boring little Barley, California.

But Wait. It couldn't be. Dark, Handsome, and annoying Alex...in Barley?

Can Phoebe protect her hometown-and her heart-and prove It's a Wonderful life?
Or is her promising future truly Gone with the Wind?

I LOVED IT!!! I'm a huge fan of old movies, so reading a book that has a TON of quotes from movies that I know and love was great! Not to mention Ms. Laura showed me some other ones, that I can't wait to see.

Phoebe is your average American Girl. She's not a skinny bean pole, and she doesn't wilt in the rain. (which is a nice change sometimes) Phoebe's working for a newspaper who just happens to have an opening coming for a Movie Reviewer....How cool is that, to be paid to watch movies?!?!?! That's what Phoebe thought too...until she walks into her boss' office, and there sits Tall, Dark, and Handsome...Until Phoebe realizes what he's doing there! Taking over the Newspaper! And Getting Rid of the Movie Review column and Phoebe. Forcing Phoebe to take on some extra jobs to keep her awesome red couch, apartment, and her Tall, nonfat, Double Mocha's! Until she's called back to her home town to help her mother who broke her arms, and now needs help...Can Phoebe Survive this 'backwoods' town? Or will she go screaming for the City?

I want you to hear the first line in Laura's book...it's so good, and it catches your attention!!!

My thighs were at it again.
They whispered
behind my back with every pantyhose-clad step I took-a whoosh-whoosh rhythm that
sounded remarkably like one of my Mom's old Engelbert Humperdinck records:
"Please release me..."

Now if that doesn't make you curious, I don't know what will!!! hehe
I Highly Recommend this book! I loved it, and can't wait to read the sequel, Dreaming in Technicolor!

5 Responses
  1. It's been awhile since I read this one, but I remember loving it!

  2. P.S. Thanks for grabbing my button code! :o)

  3. Julie Says:

    Hey! This sounds really good. Pass it along soon. =)

  4. Hey Rae! Thanks for dropping by my blogs, and following me. =)

    I haven't read this one, but Reconstructing Natalie is my fave book by this author. If you ever get a chance to read it, you should definitely read it.

    BTW ~ love your blog design!

    ~ Lori

  5. Angie Says:

    I haven't read anything by this author but I think I will have to add this book to my ever growing wish list. :) I love old movies too.

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