"All I want is a cute Christian guy who doesn't live with his mother and maybe a Prada handbag."

What a Girl Wants by: Kristin Billerbeck
~An Ashley Stockingdale Novel~ #3

Back Cover:

Ever Felt like the last item left on the clearance rack?

As a successful Patent attorney, Ashley Stockingdale has all the makings of a perfect catch-the looks, the brains, even a convertible. But at 31, she's beginning to wonder if she's been passed over for good.
Deciding to adopt a new attitude, Ashley suddenly becomes the romantic interest of three men within a matter of days. While her heart enjoys turning the tables on the dating game, the rest of her previously predictable world is being urned upside down. Is it more than Ashley can handle? Or is it exactly what she wants?
Award-winning author Kristin Billerbeck combines comedy with spunk to create a memorable story in What a Girl Wants-an all-too-realistic picture of a single girl's search for being content with who she is...with or without man.

Kristen has done it again! She's given the world another great story about a girl's journey from being single to finding a mate. In What a Girl Wants, Kristen takes Ashley through the process of figuring out what is right for her...To be single, To be married...Should I be with him...Or this other guy? And On top of that, her "no good" brother, the one with the lousy job, that still lives with the parents, finds his mate, and is getting married, while Ashley has been trying to work her way up in the company for a couple of years.
Ashley is part of a group at her church called The Reasons (explenation:There's single for a season, and single for a reason) Every week they do the same thing...They all go out to eat (normally chili's) and then they decide on whether or not they should watch Matrix or not (have to read the book to understand). Then in the middle of the week or so, they get together for a challenge, and everytime Ashley shows up, she is reminded that she is still single...
But when Ashley starts to get attention from 3 men at one time, her world is tipped upside down. From her Work World to her Love Life, this girl has one thing happening after the other.
BUt at the end, She learns there's more to life, than looking for a mate and working.
This is a great book, and I recommend it to anyone that likes Kristen Billerbeck's Spa Girls Series (a fav of mine:)
The Titles of the Other 2 Books in the series: Shes Out Of Control #1, With this Ring, I'm Confused #2

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  1. Julie Says:

    Sounds good. Do you own, or did you borrow? ;-)

    Great review!

    Julie =)

  2. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    I own it, it was one of my No Book over $3 purchases!!

  3. I haven't read this series, but they look/sound really good! Great review!

    I have an award for you ~ pick it up here:


    Have a great weekend!
    ~ Lori

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