Mohamed's Moon by: Keith Clemons

Back Cover:

Are We Enimies...
Or Brothers?
Two Brothers seperated at birth growup worlds apart. Outwordly they are exactly alike, but inwardly nothings the same-one is a devotee of Fundimentalist Islam, the other, a Christian. In this modern day Cain and Able story, the lines are not drawn over just whose God is right, but also over the fact that they're both in love with the same girl.

It's a conflict with grave repercussions, little hope of resolution--and time is running out. In the background, a plan has been set in motion that will bring the United States government to its knees. Will an unexpected visitation reconcile the brothers in time to save the woman they love--and ultimately, themselves--from the coming devastation?
In his award-winning style, author Keith Clemons delivers a profound comparison between Christianity and Islam, a dichotomy of life versus death, love versus hate, and grace versus legalism. Mohamed's Moon will plunge you into a world where hatred and heinous acts are justified. But if hatred is potent, it pales in comparison to the power of God's love.

I though Mohamed's Moon was a great book, It had the right amount of educational aspects, along with the romance.

Imagine, Growing up with an Islam boy for your best friend, only to have the country you were born into decide that you should be killed for being christian. So You leave all you know behind... And later when at college you meet someone who looks just like that boy in Egypt all those years ago. But he claims he's never seen her before. What's a girl to think?

And then one day on the Soccer field, These two men run into eachother...and it looks like they are looking at a mirror. And Layla doesn't know what to do.

Mohamed and Matthew see the resemblence just as well as anyone else....but instead of 'hitting' it off...they hate eachother. And only one of them knows that they are really brothers.

The First couple of chapters confused me a bit. I wasn't sure who Matthew was at first...and so when he jumps between the two boys, I was slightly confused...But once that was clarified, the reading 'got good'. I was drawn into the story, and Couldn't put it down. I have to say that it ends differently that I thought it would. But it was all in all a good story, and I'll be revisiting it again and again!
About the Author:
Keith Clemons, a native of Southern California, is an alumnus of California State University – Fullerton where he earned a degree in English literature. He lives with his wife, Kathryn, in Caledon, Ontario, Canada. His four previous novels, Angel in the Alley, If I should Die, These Little Ones and Above the Stars, have accumulated a total of six writing awards.

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  1. cathikin Says:

    It's always a sign of a good book when someone says they'll read it again.

  2. David Says:

    Great post Rae, thanks.

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