Gingham Mountain by: Mary Connealy
#3 in the Lassoed in Texas Series
285 pages

Back Cover:
When Hannah Cartwright meets Grant, a disreputable-looking cowboy, she's determined to keep him from exploiting two more orphans. When she gets the job as schoolmarm, she resolves to keep Grant's adopted children in school to minimize their time spent in hard labor on his ranch. Will she succeed in her plans or lose her heart-and the children- to a man she despises?
Grant already has a Texas ranch full of orphans he's rescued, but still he's determined to take on the two brought in by the orphan train. Can he wrangle his growing brood while resisting his attraction to the meddlesome Hannah and keeping clear of Prudence, a designing dressmaker?
When a couple of con artists discover oil on Gran's land, they'll go to any length to steal his ranch, including forcing him into marriage. Will their plans succeed before the secret of oil spills out?


I have to say this was a fun read!! And as always Mary Connealy has done a superb job in writing the ending to this series!!!

I love how, she still keeps you informed about her other characters, from past books, and doesn't just let them hang!

Hannah is Not sure she can trust Grant, a Man, who adopts children but doesn't have the greatest things for them...Her concern is that he just wants free labor...

All Grant can see when, he looks at Hannah is a young woman, who can hardly take care of herself, but can't seem to stop trying to get in other peoples affairs. Being an orphan himself, Grant has decided to help when ever he can, and if that means adopting more children, even if he isn't positive where the next meal is going to come from, just so they don't have to go back to an orphanage....thats what he'll do!!!

Now all he has to do, is convince Hannah of that, while trying to keep from getting killed for his land.

It's hard for me to do a review for this one, because I'm afraid I'll say to much and ruin the story...lol, this happens often when there are books that I really like, and so when I'm telling others about them, I (most often than not) end up saying to much, and then the person doesn't have to read the book....hehe. So Just take my word for it....It's a great book!!!

3 Responses
  1. Julie Says:

    This book keeps calling to me from my book stack, but I will not give in until I read the first two.

    Great review!

  2. Rae, this is so nice that you're talking about my books.

    Thank you so MUCH.

  3. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    They're easy to talk about!!! I love reading them!!! And I just got Cowboy Christmas in the mail!!! Can't wait to start that!!!

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