Ok, I know I've already 'Reviewed' this one, but not really! and Since this is 'Mary Connealy Week' I'll just do a better Job reviewing this Book!

As you've probably already guessed, Mary Connealy is the Author of this Fabulous Book! And it's #1 in the Lassoed in Texas series!

Back Cover:

Sophie Edwards is doing just fine alone in the bleak wilderness of Texas. Still, God hears the cries for help that she is too busy to voice. One night a strange-yet oddly familiar-man rides into her life and insists on rescuing her and her four daughters. Can she find a way to love a headstrong mountain man?

When Clay McClellan discovers his brother has been murdered, he's bent on finding the killers and seeing them properly hanged. But first, he believes, Christian duty demands he marry his sister-in-law. After all, Sophie needs someone to protect her...Right?

Judd Mason is determined to get his hands on the Edwards ranch. But that widow-woman has gone and gotten herself a new man to protect her. What will it take to get Sophie Edwards out of his way for good?

Can Sophie and Clay-the mismatched newlyweds-work together to protect their land and find love on the Texas Frontier?


I guess that shouldn't be a question should it? I'm gonna give them to you weather or not you want them...so ha! ( a little sass for a change lol)

By the Title and Back Cover, you can glean that this story has to do with 'Petticoats' or aka Women/girls. 5 of them to be exact, A Mother and her 4 daughters, and then there is Clay...a man who was raised by....MEN! And he's staying with 5 Girls! Can you believe what he's going through? All that Emotion?! I kinda feel sorry for the Fella...But the way he deals with it is really Funny! It's most of the Humor to this story, and let me tell you, this Story has Humor! I laughed for at least half of it! When You read how Clay 'Proposes' (if you can call it that;) You'll bust up! Here's a man, who thinks it's his Christian duty to 'Marry up' with his Late Brother's Wife...But he doesn't know squat about her, or about any woman for that matter!

Now Sophie...She's a wife, that has been alone most of her marriage, what with the war and all. Her husband was never home for long. And when he was, he didn't do much, so Sophie was 'stuck' with the workins of the Ranch, and then He died...leaving her and the children alone in the middle of Texas, where they're not many unmarried Females! So Marriage proposals start coming from all directions, so Sophie has to hide...and thats when she Meets Clay.

Clay...as the back cover said he is Headstrong! And he's not much for saying what he's feeling in the case of emotions like, "I love you" or "You done Good" or anything like that...He's a firm believer in the no news is good news kind of attitude...So when he says "That was stupid" he meant it, at least he doesn't mean you're stupid, just what you did was...but you know what a woman first thinks...."He Just called me Stupid!" (Am I right?) Will he ever learn, that's not what you say to 5 Girls?

Will these two ever truly be 1? Will Clay figure out how to handle a house full of Petticoats? Or will he loose his mind?

Petticoat Ranch is one of my (many) favorites! (if you click on that link...it'll take you to my first posting on the Book...But beware...Calico Canyon is included in that post....so if you want to wait...I suggest NOT going to it!)

To buy this great book, CLICK HERE.

~Rae Byuel~
4 Responses
  1. Renee Says:

    Yep I love this series too and totally recommend all of Mary's books to anyone who loves a good clean, funny, story! Thanks for sharing!

    xoxo~ Renee

  2. Rae,
    This book along with Montana Rose are my top Connealy Classics. I can't decide between the two. I guess part of it is that Petticoat Ranch was my intro to Mary's writing and it was love at first...page :-)

    I'm certain anyone who has met me online or otherwise knows more about Mary Connealy than they did before they met me. Between you, Renee, and me she has some major PR going on :-)

  3. Julie Says:

    I'm still looking forward to reading it. Even more-so now. =)

    Julie =)

  4. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    I haven't read Montana Rose Pepper, but i hear its really good!! I can't wait to get ahold of it....I just got Cowboy Christmas....I've started reading it already, and it's really good so far!!! Cant wait to finish it!


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