Hope by Lori Copeland
275 pages
#3 in the Brides of the West Series 1872

Back Cover:
WANTED: Women with religious upbringing, high morals, and a strong sens of adventure, willing to marry decent, God-fearing men. Applicants may apply by mail. Must allow at least two months for an answer.

Mail-order bride Hope Kallahan is not amused when her stagecoach is waylaid by a bunch of bumbling outlaws. The Feisty beauty is puzzled by the oddball in the group- the disarmingly kind Grunt Lawson. She doesn't know that Grunt is really Dan Sullivan, the government agent sent to infiltrate the gange on what was supposed to be his last assignment.
Together, Hope and Dan learn that no matter what happens, God works everything together into a plan that's bigger and better than all their hopes and dreams.

A Penny for my Thoughts?

This one actually takes place about a week before June, but ends after it. (confusing right?) Well this one goes very smoothly until Hope gets kidnapped. But as soon as they stop the Stage, things completely turn around! lol, just thinking about some of the things that Hope does, makes me laugh. The first night at the Outlaws hide out, she stands in the doorway because she refuses to sleep in the pigsty they call a cabin! for like 16 hrs. Talk about stubborn.
The Outlaws all think that she is a politician's daughter, and are hoping to get money out of her 'father'. But Grunt knows that she isn't who they hope she is, because he has seen the politician's daughter before at a dance.
So his cover isn't blown, Dan starts being brutly mean to Hope, but Hope doesn't notice. Will he save Hope by helping her escape or will her let the game continue? I don't know, (ok well actually i do) but you have to find out for yourself.

Rae Byuel

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