Patience by: Lori Copeland
318 pages
# 6 in the Brides of the West series 1872 (last one!)

Back Cover:
Women with religious upbringing, high morals, and strong sense of adventure, willing to marry decent, God-fearing men. Applicants may apply by mail. Must allow at least two months for an answer.

Patience Smith only intends to wear Lenore's wedding dress for a few minutes, but when a kidnapper snatches Patience away in case of mistaken identity, she finds herself lost in the mountains of Colorado. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she escapes he kidnapper and stumbles onto an abandoned mining dugout and a lonely orphan. Patience has found herself a gold mine! Now if she can just get Denver City sheriff Jay Longer to help, she can mine the gold that will mean a whole new future for Patience and the rest of the mail-order brides.
But Jay has plans of his own, and someone is trying to keep them away from that gold.

Can Patience and Jay work together, escape outlaws, and strike gold? And can they do it all without losing their hearts in the process?

Ok, so this is the last one of the Brides of the West series, Let's just say I'm sad to see them go. :(
So there is Patience, and Jay. They have NEVER liked each other. Always fighting or just trying to stay away from each other to avoid it.
You next question...Why was Patience in Lenore's Wedding Dress in the first place? Well, you see Lenore and her Fiance's families have been feuding for a LONG time, but they want to get married in spite of it all. But Lenore's Family has forbidden her to have dress fittings! and Patience is just her Size! (that takes care of Why)
When Patience gets kidnapped, and stumbles across the cabin w/the little boy in it. Her life takes a drastic Change. For the Better. Patience starts taking care of Wilson(little boy in cabin) and when he tells her of the Gold in the mine, Patience will stop at nothing to get it, to help; her, Wilson, and the rest of the mail-order brides. The only thing is...Everyone thinks the Mine is haunted. And Jay is the only person that will help, because he promised not to come back w/out her!
Ok, I can't say anymore with out giving away more of the story...I've done enough of that already..:) But remember when I said this was the last of the Brides of the West series?!?!? Well, technically it is, but they may come back in 'Men Of The Saddle' series!!! I looked up the first book, and I think Mary is in it! I'll start looking for them @ the Library!
~Rae Byuel~

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