Ruby by Lauraine Snelling
320 pages
# 1 in the Dakotah Treasures series

Back Cover:
"My dearest daughters,
I must beg your forgiveness for the long time between letters. I am sure you must have thought I passed on from this world, but life here in the West has been a myriad of experiences, and not all of them good. I attempted gold mining, with some small success, and finally parlayed that into a legacy that I can pass on to my two treasures. While I had hoped to be able to send for you before now, the sad news is that I am dying. I have enclosed tickets for the two of you to come and claim you inheritance, and God willing, if you come quickly, I will have a chance to see your sweet faces before I pass on into the next life..."

Ruby Torvald sets out on a daunting journey with her young sister, Opal, to hopefully see their long-lost father once more and claim the promised inheritance. But instead of the treasure they expected, the sisters discover something most shocking.

Ruby and Opal work for a family in New York. Ruby is the governess there. But when the letter from her father comes, they must leave right away, for young Opal has never set eyes on her father before. (other than @ birth) But when they reach Little Missouri, in the Dakotah territory, they find something, that even in their wildest dreams they could not have imagined. The Dove House, which is what their father owns, turns out to be a Saloon. And when Ruby's dad dies, she turns things around for the better. But when Opal starts forgetting her manners, will she doubt herself, and start running back to New York? Or will she stick it out on the Frontier?
Then two men come into her life. Captain McHenry, a man she can get along with all the time, and Rand Harrison a man that can make her blood boil at the littlest things. Which one will she end up choosing?

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~Rae Byuel~
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