His Holiday Heart By: Jillian Hart
216 pages
The McKaslin Clan: Series 3 Book 8

Ok My parents picked this up at the store...I had no clue as to how many were in the series, and then I head to Amazon.com... WOW! is all I can say.. If I'm readin this right, i think there are multiple series, 3 to be exact, Not to mention the new Historical Series...which still has McKaslin's in it. the first series has 5 books, the second has 4 books and the third has 8, and the new Historical Series only has 2 for now....

Back Cover:
What can make a grumpy "ther-is-no-Santa-Clause" kind of man smile? The sight of quirky Lucy Chapin. Something about the woman creates warm and fuzzy feelings within confirmed bachelor Spence McKaslin. So he'll just have to ignore her. Hard to do, since they're working together on a Christmas program for hospitalized children. THe time with lovely Lucy soon has Spence thining twice about spending his life alone. Because his heart is open to giving and receiving.

The McKaslin Clan: Ensconced in a quaint mountain town overlooking the vast Montana plains, the McKaslins rejoice in the powerful bonds of faith, family...and forever love.

A Penny for My Thoughts?

Great Book!! Even though it's the 8th one in a series! lol :) For those of you that know me, you know that this is a common occurance (me readin a series out of order) Mostly because I love to read, so when I have a book, I have to read it...then go back and get the other ones. Unless it makes no sense to me because I haven't read the one before it...but this is not the case with Jillian Hart. This book could be a Novel, and you wouldn't miss a beat, Unless u just like to hear about the other people in books.
Jillian Shows, how Love and the CHRISTmas spirit, can change a person's outlook on life. Now Spence's Mother, ran out on his father and took the family savings when times got rough. This ruined Spence's intake on a Happily-ever-after. But with the help of his Grandmother, Step Mother, and 6 sisters...He starts running into Lucy more, like at holiday get-togethers. Then they end up in the same group for the Hospitalized Children's group. Lucy isn't sure Spence is the one, she had gone through a near wedding experience before, so she was extra careful now. Can Spence shield his melting heart? Can Lucy take a chance on possibly getting hurt?
You'll have to read the book :)
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~Rae Byuel~
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