Pearl By Lauraine Snelling
349 pages...
#2 in the Dakotah Treasures series

Back Cover:
Ruby Torvald has turned Dove House, and the scandalous inheritance her father left to her and her sister, into a respectable establishment. Her newest boarder is Pearl Hossfuss, a twenty-two-year-old schoolteacher from Chicago. Hiding scars within and without, Pearl has given up hope that any man would want to marry her. Her father has his own ideas, insisting she marry his clerk, a widower with five children.
So Pearl Flees to Dakotah Territory in response to an ad requestiong a teacher fro the town of Little Missouri. She finds teaching in this rural setting rewarding add interesting-even more so when she makes the acquaintance of an intriguing yound carpenter, Carl Hegland. But just as her future begins to look brighter, news arrives that her father is coming to take her back to Chicago.
When disaster threatens, will these lovely "jewels of the West" be forced to abandon teir dreams?

Pearl is 22 years old, and has been through a lot in her life time. She lost her Mother, and has gotten severly burned on her neck from boiling water. Her father has Pretty much 'forgotten' her, meaning, he doesn't pay that much attention to her, as he used to in years past. Leaving her to do basicly what she wishes. But one night he decides that she needs a Husband, So he brings home one of his clerks, even though the man is not Violent, he is a bore. They have nothing in common, so Pearl tries everything possible for her father to break off the engagement. But to her father, they made a bond, and a bond is not to be broken. So she does the only thing left to do...she runs away, and heads for Little Missouri for a teaching posistion that was advertised for in the newspaper. Thinking herself ugly, and an old-maid, she doesn't realize love when it comes knocking on the door of her heart. Will she find the love she's always wanted? Or will her scars have her push him away?
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