Kiss the Bride/Cook By Kristy Dykes , Aisha Ford , Vickie McDonough , Carrie Turansky
Four Great Novels, Revolving around: Food,Love, and 1 appron!

Back Cover:

Four young women meet at a restaurant owners conference:Angel from Florida, Monica from Missouri, Haley from Oklahoma, and Allison from New Jersey,and discover they share the same faiths, fears, and hopes, including a lack of a love story in their lives. They vow to keep in touch, pray for one another, and meet again at next years conference. What happens in between is an absolute smorgasbord of changed lives, challenged faiths, new dedications and directions, and romantic twists that turn next years conference reunion plans into reservations for eight.
This is the description that amazon gives the book. Here's a tad more indepth version.
These four women meet at a Restaurant Owner's conference, and Angel finds an appron with the words "Kiss the Cook" on it. And like in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, they dicide to share the appron, they pass it on when something happens to them. As it gets passed around, the Girls each sign their names, along with their Fiances/Husbands, that come along. But when it gets to Allison (her being the last one to have it) Her Fiance crosses out the word cook, and Writes 'Bride'. Its a great combination of stories, and authors.

A Friend of mine loaned it to me...Julianna, visit her Blog, Acceptable In Thy Sight

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  1. Hi Rae,
    So glad to hear you enjoyed Kiss the Cook! My co-authors and I enjoyed working on that project together. My story - Tea for Two - is set in Princeton, which is just fifteen minutes from my home. Like my heroine, I love to cook.

    Thanks for letting your blog readers know about our book. Are you looking for some fun holiday stories? My newest story is a Christmas novella, Moonlight and Mistletoe in A Big Apple Christmas. Please stop by my website for more info on my books. Thanks again for sharing your reviews with friends and readers! Happy Reading. : )

    Blessings, Carrie Turansky, www.carrieturansky.com

  2. Rae Byuel Says:

    I loved it! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll look at your site for some new books to read this Christmas Break. :) I love reading, and writing, so I'm always looking for 'new' authors...well at least new to me...:)

    Merry Christmas!

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