Texas Christmas Brides by: Cathy Marie Hake & Kathleen Y'Barbo

Two Delightful Stories of New-to-Town Women Who each become Targets of Matchmaking Schemes

#1 in the Texas Christmas 'Series'

Back Cover:

When four retired Texas Rangers try their hands at matchmaking, their efforts cause more fires that they can put out.

Peony Potter, a pretty girl with a mysterious past, has swept into town with a heap of trouble following close on her heels. When she comes head to head with the Local Sheriff and his suspicions, their relationship seems forever splintered before it's even begun.

Lacey Mather has come to Cut Corners to help out at Millie's Diner until her great-aunt's broken arm mends. While she's in town, Lacey's delicious cooking is warming many hearts and stomachs-especially those of a iron-willed blacksmith.

As Christmas draws near, clandestine meetings are held and plans are afoot to foil plots to leave town. Will the town of Cut Corners learn that no matter what plans they hold, God is the grandest planner of them all?


Not the Marrying Kind By: Kathleen Y'Barbo:

From When Peony Potter firsts steps off the Train, she causes nothing but trouble for Rafe Wilson. But when Rafe and her want to give the Founding Fathers of Cut Corners a lesson, They end up giving on to Rafe instead.

Here Cooks the Bride by: Cathy Marie Hake:
Aunt Millie Broke her arm, so when her niece Lacey Mather Shows up to help, everyone wonders if she can cook better than her aunt...who Cookin can Scorch your stomach. When Lacey's First meal comes out, She doesn't have a spare minute to call her own...What with cookin, and turning down Marriage proposal's left and right. But Jeff Wilson (Rafe Wilson's Cousin) Doesn't want to let her get away, but can he come between her plans to teach at a Ladies Finishing School?

Great Book! Helps Put you in the Christmas Mood!

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