NorthWest by VeraLee Wiggins
Four Inspiring Love Stories from the Rugged and Unspoiled Northwest Territory.

Back Cover:
The Call of the Untamed Northwest Territory was a force many pioneers could not ignore. In this captivating volume featuring four full-length, award winning novels, two families answer that call and forever change the course of their lives.

Rachel Butler and Martha Lawford meet on a wagon train heading west on the Oregon Trail. Rachel is determined not to succumb to the perils of the Heartbreak Trail...But will she be as strong in the face of an even more formidable power-Love?

Matha Lawford, grieving for the family she left behind, plans to stay on her father's land claim in the Washington Territory. The rugged frontier is no place for a single woman, but who will be willing to take on this proud loner and call her, Martha My Own?

To survive the harsh wilderness, Martha enters a marriage of convenience. Abe Nobel's Love for Martha is real, yet their agreement denies such feelings. Will Martha ever say the words her husband longs to hear...Abram,My Love?

When God reunites Martha and Rachel, Rachel has a beautiful family but Martha is waiting to see what God has Planned for her. Could it be the gift of A New Love?

As the Characters of NorthWest experience God's grace on their journeys their stories of triumph ring through the years to offer new hope for today.

I was looking through the Library, for some books to read, and When I don't have any in particular that I want to check out, I just go through looking for the sticker on the spine that says, 'Christian' or 'Christian Fiction'...And this is one of those. Great 4 Story Book, They all tie together, and the last Story was the Last 'Book' VeraLee Wiggins ever wrote! This book was put together in memory of her, by her Husband...She was a great writer! I love the book, and it kept me turning the pages...The first story is about Rachel, but Martha is in it as well. You become apart of this wagon train, when heartache strikes, it seems like it's happening to you, and not just the Characters in the story. When reading it, I felt like I was in the time period written about.

Rachel Butler, is a girl who loves her way of life, and doesn't want to give it up, but when her father decides to head west, Life ceases as she knows it. No more Restaurants, no more fancy Stores or gowns...No More parties, and No more beau's...so she thinks. She is determined to have an awful time, and not enjoy it one bit, but when she becomes friends with sweet tempered Martha, that all changes. She sees Martha rubbing off on her, and can it be? She starts enjoying the trip!
Martha Lawford, the sweet-tempered girl of 17, loves the idea of heading west with her whole family. But when tragedy strikes her wagon, can she stay her sweet self? And when she has to head on alone, can she make it with only her Dog and her God?
Abe Nobel, A man in his late Twenties, Having already been in the Army, Thinks that the Washington Territory is the most beautiful in the land. When he meets Martha, he starts taking care of her, but when her family fails to catch up like she thinks, and with winter setting in, Can They make a go of a Marriage of Convience?
Read through the four stories, and see how these two friends get split up, and then reunited! A great read, and one I recommend to be added to your collection!

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