A Promise For Ellie by Lauraine Snelling
314 wonderful, pages
#1 in the Daughters of Blessing Series

Lauraine Snelling is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors! Her books just grab you and pull you into the story! It kept me turning the pages to find out what happened next.

Back Cover:
Ellie Wold can't wait to graduate. She and Andrew Bjorkland have been waiting to get married since...well, since forever, and in June they will finally wed. When Andrew announces they have to postpone the wedding, she's disappointed but takes it in stride-there must be a good reason, or Andrew's pa wouldn't ask it of them.

But Andrew is angry and can't understand why Ellie isn't upset too, especially when they'd been planning to 'marry up' ever since they were in grade school. Disgruntled, he works out his frustration with stubborn determination to finish building their barn and mail-order house, working himself to exhaustion. But just when the new house is nearly finished, an unthinkable tragedy occurs. Throwing aside the vow he made to Ellie, Andrew seeks revenge...

As their plans unravel, it looks as if their love may not survive. Is this the end of their dream?


This is Lauraine's 3rd series using the Red River Valley...Red River of the North (6 books) Return to Red River (3 books) and then Daughters of Blessing.
In A Promise for Ellie, Andrew is waiting in Blessing for the day of Graduation, when Ellie will return to Blessing to Graduate with her friends, istead of in the city, where her family moved to when the Valley was hindering her father's Furniture Buisness. But One night, Andrew's Father asks him to postpone the Wedding, Because the barn isn't finished, and the mail-order house is two-weeks late. When Andrew tells Ellie about it, she's upset, but understands that Father Bjorklund wouldn't ask it of them, if he didn't have a good reason. So Ellie heads back to the city with her parents, to collect her things, to move back to Blessing to work until the wedding.
When the wedding is upon them, Ellie and her girlfriends, decide to Stay the night at the new house. But a tradgedy occurs, that may keep Andrew and Ellie apart for the rest of their lives.

I picked this one up at the Library when looking for Opal from the series Dakotah Treasures, but when they didn't have it, I decided to get this one instead. I can't wait to go back and get the next one in the series!

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~Rae Byuel(by.u.el)~
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    Sounds like a great Book!!! Thanks for the review!

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