10 Things about Elizabeth, that you didn't know...
1)I love to take long walks
2)I enjoy most being one-on-one with people and having deep discussions
3)We have the sweetest, smartest and most neurotic dog in the world.
4)I love being the only girl in my family (I have a wonderful husband, two amazing sons and that neurotic (male) dog.)
5)Since I’m surrounding by ‘my men’ at home, I delight in my ministry to young teen girls. I do lots of informal discipleship—through meeting together, sharing, praying, memorizing Scripture. 6)I don’t like to watch the news on TV—too depressing.
7)I actually don’t like to watch TV at all.
8)I do really enjoy watching movies—we have a TV but it is just for cassettes and DVDs.
9)I love to cuddle up in bed at the end of a long day with a good book.
10)France has great food, so the only food I miss in America is Cheetos!

I hope y'all found out something interesting from this, and check in tomorrow for the review of, The Dwelling Place!!!

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