This month, CFRB is proud to present "Eretzel" by William McGrath


The story continues where Asulon, the first book in The Sword of Fireseries, left off. The travelers: Prince Daniel of Asulon, the grimswordmaster Moor, the traveling priest and wise man Simon and princess Rachel of Eretzel have escaped from the evil Antiochus, Emperor of Unicornia and slayer of Anak, last of the Earthbound angels.They sail for Eretzel, the land where East meets West and where the nations of the earth will gather for war. Also aboard the ship are the Anakim, the giant sons of Anak. They have sworn vengeance upon the murderer of their father. But can a being who has slain an angel bekilled by mere giants?

Eretzel sits at the crossroads of the earth, between the merchants of the West, the warriors of the North, the vast and hungry populations of the East and the gold-rich lands of the South. Antiochus desires torule the world and his path to conquest runs through Eretzel.

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