The Dwelling Place by: Elizabeth Musser
#2 in The Swan House Series
(1st book is, The Swan House)
Back Cover:

In a family of successes, she's the embarrassment, still defiantly refusing to color inside the lines. Perhaps being a server at a trendy Atlanta restaurant isn't a dream career, but it's her work. She has friends, she has neighbors, she has causes.

But Ellie has never fit in.

When her artist mother's fight with cancer takes a bad turn, Ellie is forced to reenter her family's perfect world to help care for her. As the two women struggle to reconnect, Ellie begins to understand that her family might not be as unblemished as it seems.

As her mother's condition worsens, Ellie embarks on a journey toward forgiveness, hope, and healing. Is there a place of peace for her? And like her mother, must she travel halfway around the world to find it?


Well The Swan House, was a great book all about a rich white girl who realizes that no matter what your skin color is, everyone deserves a chance. Now Mary Swan is back in The Dwelling Place, as a 50-some year old with Breast Cancer, and a daughter who has been scared for life. Learn how Mary grew up, and had a family with Robbie Bartholomew. You learn of the trials she had to go through, and the ones she's still going through. Ellie is her youngest daughter, When she was about 6 yrs. old Ellie was involved in a fire, and the left side of her face was burned, and her mouth was never the same, even with all the surgeries. She never felt beautiful, especially around her 2 older sisters, who seemed to be perfect. But when she is alone with her mother for a few weeks in Hilton Head, she realizes that she and her mother aren't that different, and that what she remembers from the fire, isn't what really happened.

Join Mary Swan and Ellie Mae on a journey to finding renewal, healing, and Salvation! Not to mention some Love.
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