Love Finds you in, Humble, Texas By: Anita Higman

Back Cover:

Trudie Abernathy is a little inelegant, and she's never had much luck in love. To make matters worse, her thirtieth birthday is fast approaching and her sister, Lane, has decided to "treat" her to a makeover and a blind date. Trudie is about to protest, but then she meets the kind and devastatingly handsome Mason Wimberley. In spite of Trudie's humble manner, Mason finds her attractive, funny, and smart. But there's one obstacle in the way of the budding romance: Lane suddenly decides that she's in love with Mason! Trudie has never been one to compete with her glamorous sister, even when it means giving up the things she wants. Will she be able to stay true to her humble self and find her heart's desire in the process?


Great Book! I have recently noticed all the "Love Finds you.." Books coming out on different blogs I follow, and in the different book catalogues that I get mailed to my home. And I can't wait to read more! Love in Humble, Texas is a wonderful book, full of 'Sister Banter' and Love.

Lane had dumped Mason before, so she thought he was the perfect person to set up with her sister for a Birthday Lunch...The only thing is, she realizes that she really Loves Mason...Or Does she?

Trudie, wonderful Trudie, she agrees to the lunch date, and literally 'Falls for Mason' (to get this joke...read the book :) You'll understand what I mean...(it's it like the first chapter or so))But when she realizes that her sister loves him, she backs off, but Mason won't let her.

Mason, See's this as a challenge, letting the Lane know he doesn't like her in 'that way' and courting Trudie into saying 'yes' for another date.

In the process of all of this, Trudie realizes somethings from her past, and things with her present, that are the true Trudie...

I Highly recommend this book!!!

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  1. I just finished Love in Humble, Texas. I found it very entertaining. A great read!

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