Veterans Way by: Robin Lee Hatcher

Back Cover:
Jimmy Scott just moved bact to his hometown of Hart's Crossing. And it's just as he remembered. Then he bumps into an old friend-Stephanie Watson, a childhood sweetheart he had once planned on marrying. As forgotten memories flood back, James wonders what might have happened if he hadn't left for the war in Korea. Was it possible that he could still have feelings for this woman?

Stephanie Watson loves this sleepy little town on the plains of Southern Idaho. Between the Thimbleberry Quilting Club, trips to the hair parlor, and her grandchildren, she's kept pretty busy. While surprised by Jimmy's reture, she enjoys reminiscing about the good times they had. BUt could this friendship be turning into something more? And could Stephanie possibly be so lucky as to fallin love with the same man twice?


This is a really good story. It took me a day to read...so its a fast one. But very good. I have to admit, that I don't usually like, the 'older' love stories...but I liked this one! James, has been a widower for 3 years now, and wanted a change of scenery, so he heads back to his hometown. And Stephanie has been a widow for 1 year. And she's still not used to living alone, so when these 2 childhood sweethearts get back together,They realize that even though they didn't get married when they were younger doesn't mean that they have lost their chance completely!!!

It's a cute story, and I wouldn't mind reading it again sometime!
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  1. Julianna Says:

    You're welcome. And thanks to your mom for giving it to me. =)

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